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Gmmanytimes Sun 20-Sep-20 12:26:26

Our hearts are saying yes,and our heads are saying no.Any thoughts.
We were all set to go to our DD. to sit in her garden probably for the last time before lockdown.Our GS now says he has a sore throat,and there is a case of covid at GD school.
My DH has COPD and other lung problems,but at 80 feels philosophical,though obviously vulnerable.We would be in the garden,and the kids have said they will wear masks.D and SIL have both been tested and have positive antibodies.
Her area will be in lockdown from Tue.We need to decide in the next hour !!!

Poppyred Sun 20-Sep-20 12:29:24

Go for it! Sore throat is not a Covid symptom. Keep 2 meters apart. Enjoy!

Pantglas2 Sun 20-Sep-20 12:31:25

I’d go - disinfected, bemasked and distanced in the garden all within current guidelines and as you say, things will change on Tuesday, so last chance to chat in real life for who knows how long.

JenniferEccles Sun 20-Sep-20 12:31:34

I am sure you will get different opinions as I can see both sides of your dilemma, but if it were me I would go, observing the distancing rules.

Seeing family is such a boost isn’t it, and it sounds as if there may be further restrictions imminent, so I would say grab the opportunity while you can!

BlueSky Sun 20-Sep-20 12:33:00

I would go, stay in the garden no close physical contact with family, even cuddles with GC. Enjoy!

MawB2 Sun 20-Sep-20 12:34:28

Every child in the country is in the process of developing the Back to School sniffle/sore throat/cold.
Don’t panic but be sensible- no hugs or cuddles, no sharing nibbles, social distancing, but most of all enjoy seeing them while you can! It looks to be a lovely day - make the most of it!

3nanny6 Sun 20-Sep-20 12:38:21

I would give it a miss particularly because of your husbands condition.

I had a doctors appointment last week and I told them I had a sore throat. The doctor came on the phone and told me not to come and wait for two weeks to see if anything else developed.
So far my sore throat has gone and I feel fine.

Also read an article the other day saying that sore throat could be a newer symptom in children. Children while not getting covid 19 badly they can be carriers and spreaders of the disease.
I would not go why do you think your DDs area is going into lockdown? It's better to be safe than sorry.

Maggiemaybe Sun 20-Sep-20 12:38:53

Definitely go, and enjoy seeing your family. It may be some time before you get the opportunity again. Observe all the guidelines and have a good visit.

Teetime Sun 20-Sep-20 12:48:31

I'd go!

Toadinthehole Sun 20-Sep-20 12:55:57

Go, but stay safe. I’ve had a sore throat, and it’s turned into a regular cold. We’ve all had them. Enjoy yourselves 🤗.

Illte Sun 20-Sep-20 12:57:18

Go, keep your distance and stay a home for the 10 days.
Don't visit anyone else.

The contact with your family is important for you and you can decide to take a chance.

But it's not fair to take a chance of passing it on.

Septimia Sun 20-Sep-20 13:04:28

The article on another thread, for which a link was given (but I can't remember it) said that Covid-19 is mostly airborne spread, and the more particles breathed in, the worse the infection.

Being outside where there is good airflow, preferably well apart and with masks, for not too long is about as safe as you can be when meeting other people. The chances of catching anything are remote.


crazyH Sun 20-Sep-20 13:09:41

Contact with family is so important at this time, especially if you live on your own, like me (I know the OP is not). I too have lung problems but it hasn't stopped me visiting my grandchildren. I am a fatalist...que sera sera........

NotSpaghetti Sun 20-Sep-20 13:15:39

If my husband was vulnerable I would most definitely not go. If something awful happened and he died (remote I know), I would never forgive myself.

lemsip Sun 20-Sep-20 13:16:24

Common question............sore throat!
Which are the first symptoms of the coronavirus disease?

The virus can cause a range of symptoms, ranging from mild illness to pneumonia. Symptoms of the disease are fever, cough, sore throat and headaches. In severe cases difficulty in breathing and deaths can occur.31 Jan 2020......

NotSpaghetti Sun 20-Sep-20 13:20:57

CrazyH it's not at all the same if you are alone and don't feel concerned. Looking around me at friends who have had good lives and then have had their husbands die ahead of them I would, for selfish reasons, want to keep mine safe.

If this meant not seeing anyone else for a few weeks I'd do it. I'm SO lucky to still live with the lovely man I married. He is really really important to me. The children and grandchildren will still be there after the local lockdown.

Ilovecheese Sun 20-Sep-20 13:35:45

I would not go. If your husband became ill as a result of this visit just imagine how your grandson would feel.

EllanVannin Sun 20-Sep-20 13:52:33

If I was on my own I'd go but not while you've got a vulnerable husband---no chance. I'd never forgive myself. Which is more important to you ?

welbeck Sun 20-Sep-20 14:14:58

i agree with the last three posters.
i cannot say more, except protect what is most precious, vulnerable, and irreplaceable.
enjoyment, social gathering comes a very poor second.

Gingster Sun 20-Sep-20 14:19:02

Go and enjoy yourselves ♥️

Georgesgran Sun 20-Sep-20 14:37:25

My DH has stage IV cancer and currently undergoing his 5th course of chemotherapy. His lovely Consultant says it’s all about quality of life and is anxious we see both DDs within reason.

So, I’d go for it, taking the necessary precautions.

Maggiemaybe Sun 20-Sep-20 16:31:10

Did you go, Gmmanytimes? I hope you had a lovely visit, if you did.

Franbern Sun 20-Sep-20 16:45:46

I am very much one of those who say GO, stay outside, perhaps do not cuddle g.child, BUT build up all of your mental health with this visit.
Whereas people erring on the side of total panicky caution are saying think how you would feel if you caught anything. I would think the worst you can catch is the common cold together with sore throat#
Also, think how you would feel if something did happen, in any case, and you missed out on the last chance to see them all in real life.]
Go and enjoy.