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New post disappeared?

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Luckylegs Thu 24-Sep-20 23:05:48

Where has the posting gone about having a little fling with a younger man? Am I dreaming it?

Callistemon Thu 24-Sep-20 23:09:39

I was trying to post and couldn't and there it was - gone!

I expect this will disappear too as it's a thread about a thread.

Luckylegs Thu 24-Sep-20 23:12:35

Oh sorry! I was just wondering if anyone had replied to the original question.

Callistemon Thu 24-Sep-20 23:18:45

But I don't think he had any takers grin

Chewbacca Thu 24-Sep-20 23:27:47

Why has it gone? I posted on there and it's vanished! I was about to post that I'd had a rethink and was going to take him up on his kind offer! Drat!

mokryna Thu 24-Sep-20 23:29:32

There were four replies when I saw it.
I was mulling over the idea, of his age group.

Marydoll Thu 24-Sep-20 23:36:25

I checked Google, it's been deleted by GNHQ.
They are on the ball tonight!

Chewbacca Thu 24-Sep-20 23:54:24

We'll just have to wait for the next one to come along.......

merlotgran Thu 24-Sep-20 23:57:44

What a shame. Kitty gave him such a nice welcome. grin


Spangler Fri 25-Sep-20 07:37:02


We'll just have to wait for the next one to come along.......

A hard man is good to find.
Mae West.

BlueBelle Fri 25-Sep-20 07:40:45

Ohh trust it to happen when I wasn’t around, missed the fun
Was it a grandad ? Or a really young man ?

Marydoll Fri 25-Sep-20 07:49:58

# scary grannies 😱

Grandmabatty Fri 25-Sep-20 08:30:32

I'd rather have a curly wurly.

Charleygirl5 Fri 25-Sep-20 08:35:10

Did you lot frighten the poor fellow away? Shame on you if he had cold feet.

sodapop Fri 25-Sep-20 08:37:19

Nothing exciting BlueBelle someone looking for titillation. grin

downtoearth Fri 25-Sep-20 08:41:14

Darn went to bed with me book and missed me chancesad

BlueSky Fri 25-Sep-20 09:02:07

I missed it all! shock

ExD Fri 25-Sep-20 09:05:51

Why do I miss all the fun?
C'mon someone, can we have a short description of the content please? Was someone wanting a granny with benefits?

Chewbacca Fri 25-Sep-20 09:16:26

ExD yes!

BlueBelle Fri 25-Sep-20 09:22:43

Ohh I like a brave man 😂

Ashcombe Fri 25-Sep-20 09:30:05


This was it:-

“ would any of the single ladies out there consider sleeping with a younger man if the opportunity arose?
If so then how much younger? what age would be the youngest you'd consider? and what age you are?

Just curious if any one actually considers it.”

Charleygirl5 Fri 25-Sep-20 11:36:03

I missed it also. I am assuming that GNHQ removed it without giving anybody a chance to consider his possible offer.

BlueSky Fri 25-Sep-20 12:17:43

Thanks Ashcombe did he have any replies? It would have been fun! grin

Lisagran Fri 25-Sep-20 12:22:58

You’d have to wear masks though grin

sodapop Fri 25-Sep-20 12:23:47

That's right Charleygirl we poor old biddies must be protected from such carnal things.