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Times change – faster than you think

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absent Wed 07-Oct-20 07:56:08

I joined Gransnet almost as soon as it began. Like everything in life, it has changed. Lots of members that I tended to find interesting are no longer posting and, indeed, it is rare for me to post. A few posters whose comments and posts I valued have been barred. I wonder exactly how all that happened.

tanith Wed 07-Oct-20 08:01:43

I agree with you absent things are very different now around here with many recognisable names gone it’s a shame.

BlueBelle Wed 07-Oct-20 08:19:37

It’s got a much more ‘tricky’ feeling to it now I can’t think of the right word but it feels lately that some posters are wanting to cause a ‘pickle’ want to draw in the ‘fors‘ and ‘againsts’ to divide and rule to get a drama going for the sake of it about every subject
I used to avoid the political threads as much as I could, and sit on my hands because I didn’t really want to be part of the division but now it’s infiltrated into the innocent topics
Of course we are not going to agree about everything and that in a way was fun but that’s quite different this feels more like a take over bid with a big division starting to open like the Red Sea
I think HQ should be a lot less heavy handed with intelligent grown people who are trying to keep things on a reasonable even keel

GrannyLaine Wed 07-Oct-20 08:32:01

The phrase 'lunatics have taken over the asylum ' springs to mind angry

Gwyneth Wed 07-Oct-20 08:35:08

Bluebelle yes I agree. Admittedly I haven’t been on the site for very long. I try to avoid commenting on anything political although I do read them. I find some of the comments interesting but too often it develops into a bit of a ‘bun fight’ which detracts from the actual discussion. I now anticipate this will happen but it is sad when as you say ‘innocent topics are infiltrated ‘ especially those that are light hearted and meant to be a bit of fun.

fevertree Wed 07-Oct-20 08:36:52

It is simply what happens within social media. Watch The Social Dilemma, a documentary on Netflix, including interviews with top people who have worked in the business.

Despite the cosy feel of some discussion forums - what the advertisers are buying is our attention (and our data). If one person's attention is no longer held for whatever reason, there will be others as membership grows. It's a numbers game.

PECS Wed 07-Oct-20 09:02:05

Funnily enough I have made a similar comment on another thread. Some posters just choose not to debate!
On straighforward threads when somoeone posts a valid opinion and explains why some disrupter appears and makes it personal and often the thread deteriorates into squabbling. I enjoy debate: presenting opinion backed by evidence.
I also enjoy the frivolous threads where banter and jokes are cheering and fun!
It spoils this site when too many 'serious' threads are disrupted by what feels like deliberate diversion.

bikergran Wed 07-Oct-20 09:02:24

absent I truly agree with you, I joined in 2011/12 it was a gentle place, bit like a big comfy armchair.

I remember all the virtual parties we had the vodka jellies up Pendle hill.

I do post an odd time but lots of the original poster seem to have disappeared for what ever reason.

As OP said Social media changes every minute of the day and time doesn't stand still.I still pop in to have a nosy, but do miss the early days smile

kittylester Wed 07-Oct-20 09:19:18

I agree!! I joined pretty soon after GN started - though I didn't ever go to any of the parties.

There seem to me to be people who enjoy creating discord. In the good old days we could disagree without arguing iyswim.

There seems no reason at all for all these draconian actions and they do seem to be aimed at the wrong people.

Riverwalk Wed 07-Oct-20 09:28:17

From the early days there were spats/heated arguments; suspensions; and flouncings off - it's nothing new!

And over the years there have always been 'disrupters' - often with little-girl personas, who start seemingly innocuous threads that somehow, cleverly, entice people to take the bait.

Then follows the usual deletions and uproar.

quizqueen Wed 07-Oct-20 09:33:48

You are not allowed to speak the truth on this site about any subject nor tell people their own behaviour is causing their problems. It only wants sweet little old ladies being polite to each other.

Lucca Wed 07-Oct-20 09:56:22

River walk .. very perceptive.

kittylester Wed 07-Oct-20 09:59:22

Just what I was going to say lucca.

If we can see it, why can't hq?

dragonfly46 Wed 07-Oct-20 10:02:17

Quite right Riverwalk.
I am not sure what HQ can do as they have to stick by the guidelines.
Maybe the answer is just to ignore and not be baited.

suziewoozie Wed 07-Oct-20 10:14:17

Here we go again - how long before the thread’s deleted. Frankly I find it ridiculous to keep on about the good old days. I find many decisions by HQ incomprehensible but I also find there’s a lot of low level snideness which stays under the guidelines deletions bar. I’m sick of posters moaning about being disagreed with who call it ‘bullying‘ and ‘not being allowed to post’ . I think there’s a lot of interesting posters on here who know their stuff - I’ve no idea how long they’ve been around but who cares. There’s a bit of a sense of entitlement from some long term posters who seem to think it’s their GN and should stay as it was ( whatever that was ). I also think some of the oldies are somewhat partial and limited in their views of some posters who they seem to regard as ‘one of them’. Not everyone shares your views.

Jane10 Wed 07-Oct-20 10:19:42


suziewoozie Wed 07-Oct-20 10:24:28




suziewoozie Wed 07-Oct-20 10:26:20

How dare anyone criticise the mythical GN? Slapped wrist for me then.

Lisagran Wed 07-Oct-20 10:28:07

Perhaps it’s all to do with advertising / money? More contentions = more folks reading to “see what happens next”?

Callistemon Wed 07-Oct-20 10:30:50

Hello absent, lovely to see you posting, although yes, it's rather an odd time on GN at the moment.

If this thread may be deleted, then perhaps I might say that GN always seemed a but kinder, less sweary and aggressive than MN but I think we may have had a few new posters, perhaps from MN, who have changed the atmosphere somewhat.

the oldies older people are the demographic which GN is aimed at, surely? The name gives a clue. It's not an exclusive club but that is the aim, I thought.
A lot of people are suffering at the moment and may need a place to come for comfort, answers, to widen their views or just fun.

It's interesting to read the views of others but if I want to read the views of younger people, I could go on to Mumsnet or listen to my children or other younger people I know.

suziewoozie DH always says that if you have to swear at someone, then you've lost the argument.
However, I do realise that that is how some people speak normally and it means nothing to them.

suziewoozie Wed 07-Oct-20 10:32:17

You may be right *Lisa. But then why pull a thread when there’s a good bunfight going on? I suppose if it’s about attracting more posters, HQ are concerned that some threads are very off putting to newbies.

suziewoozie Wed 07-Oct-20 10:34:17

By oldies I meant long term posters - apologies for any misunderstanding.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 07-Oct-20 10:34:36

For what it's worth, I think that it is possible to give ones point of view on any subject without the need to be aggressive or sweary

Callistemon Wed 07-Oct-20 10:35:32


Perhaps it’s all to do with advertising / money? More contentions = more folks reading to “see what happens next”?

It's a business!

But sometimes businesses lose their way, take the wrong path, and end up closing down.

suziewoozie Wed 07-Oct-20 10:36:33

And I couldn’t give a flying fig what your DH says Call. If he wants me to know his opinions he can come on here and post and not use a proxy. Why did you do that and not just say you don’t like swearing?