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So much stuff to get rid of!

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Witzend Mon 12-Oct-20 12:30:02

We just had a charity shop collect a large sideboard we’ve had for ever - now have to arrange collection of a nicer one a sister hasn’t room for after downsizing.

But oh, the stuff that was in that sideboard - so much of it perfectly nice but never or so rarely used. It’s now all over the dining room table and a good part of the floor.
More charity shop trips coming up!

Esspee Mon 12-Oct-20 13:31:52

I advertise on Gumtree freebies as our charity shops have more stock than they can handle.
It is a free service, I have met some lovely people, and I have also collected things that I could use (mostly gardening items).

Auntieflo Mon 12-Oct-20 14:36:58

Isn't it a shame that so many beautiful pieces of 'brown' furniture, are no longer sought after.

I have seen many upcycled , and they do look good. One of the charity shops in our small town sometimes features these, and another had a "Nathan", I think, sideboard for sale for £900.00 😱.
When the assistant saw me looking at it, she said she could offer me a different price, But I wouldn't part with our G-Plan for anything.

sodapop Mon 12-Oct-20 16:27:02

I think G-Plan is quite 'on trend' again AuntieFlo you will be appearing in Homes &Gardens before you know it. smile

Auntieflo Mon 12-Oct-20 18:54:42

Sodapop 😀. Homes and Gardens, I don't think so.

We are never on trend, and bought our G-Plan at The Ideal Home exhibition in 1961, just before we got married.
So I suppose it's vintage now!

vegansrock Mon 12-Oct-20 19:04:51

G Plan and Ercol from the 60s is very retro ( not vintage) and would count as mid century modern. Love it.

M0nica Mon 12-Oct-20 20:44:17

Auntieflo 'midcentury retro'. It has been in fashion since the early 2000s. DD is into it big time with a beautiful teak sideboard that cost her £ hundreds over 10 years ago - and it isn't even a well known make. Her living room and dining area is furnished with vintage Ercol furniture. She could afford it only because she is a dab hand at upholstery and furniture restoration so could buy damaged and stained furniture and make it look as good as new.

Auntieflo Mon 12-Oct-20 20:49:11

Vegansrock. I thought anything over 50 years old was considered vintage, (a bit like me, 28 years ago.)

Happy to be wrong though.

M0nica Mon 12-Oct-20 21:01:59

Nomenclature is always changing to be vintage it has to be pre WW2. But of course when 'vintage' started to be used, 50 years ago was pre WW2

Floradora9 Tue 13-Oct-20 21:24:42

People will not buy china from charity shops if it is not dishwasher safe . I have seen lots go for very little money.

Jane43 Tue 13-Oct-20 23:01:23

If your local area has a Freecycle Website you could post the items on there and people will come and collect them. We have disposed of many items this way, people seem to take anything if it is free. It saves a trip to the charity shop and things we have posted usually go the same day.

Willow500 Wed 14-Oct-20 07:00:41

We're in the process of moving so have been clearing the house of 35 years worth of 'stuff'! We have a huge wall unit which I revamped last year which housed a vast amount - glasses, drinks, hundreds of CDs, DVDs as well as all the cutlery and tablecloths and other odds n sods. We tried to sell it but no one wants them these days so in the end my husband said we'll take it with us which I'm quite relieved about however I've donated most of the CDs & DVDs to the BHF and sold mum's china so don't know what I'll fill it with now hmm

BHF are always grateful for anything and have started collecting again now. They've taken furniture, clothes, books and the above in the past.

Calendargirl Wed 14-Oct-20 07:08:50

BHF are always grateful for anything

No personal experience, but on our local Facebook page, people are often complaining that they have refused stuff that they think won’t sell, after having booked them to take furniture etc.
Very particular what they will accept apparently.

Witzend Wed 14-Oct-20 09:34:36

It was the BHF who took our sideboard - a large one in dark solid oak. Though it did take 3 requests before they rang to confirm a collection date - despite the website saying they’d contact us within 3 days.

I dare say they were a lot busier than usual after the shops being closed for ages, so I’m not complaining.

Collection in the end was very quick and efficient - two evidently very fit blokes - I’d been slightly apprehensive that they’d suck their teeth and say it was too heavy!

The BHF took over the ex BHS store locally, so it’s now a charity dept. store, with quite a bit of furniture.
I just hope they get a reasonable price for it.

Teetime Wed 14-Oct-20 10:11:10

I've juts put something on Gumtree today, not tried it before - we have more stuff than we need in the new house - if we ever get there.

GrandmaMoira Wed 14-Oct-20 13:46:28

BHF are only collecting furniture in my area, not clothes, books or household items. There is a wait of several weeks for the furniture collection and they are still very fussy what they will take.
I found a charity called Icollectclothes that take clothes, books etc. and I only waited a couple of days. I don't know if they are nationwide or only in the south.

MerylStreep Wed 14-Oct-20 14:04:09

The manager in my charity shops accepts anything and everything. Then it comes to me: head sorter ( read ruthless)
On the rare occasion that I'm in charge I'm straight with people and say no. If I can I direct them to places where it's more wanted.

sparklingsilver28 Wed 14-Oct-20 14:24:30

On seeing a silver tea-set, pot, cream jug and sugar, in a local charity shop, I was astonished at the price being asked. I offered a price I believed fair which was turned down. Over the following months the price went down, and down until below what I had originally offered. Did I buy it, no, I thought perhaps the manager may not be so greedy next time.

Georgesgran Sat 17-Oct-20 10:27:00

I bought a sofa for our family room - as soon as it was delivered, I knew it wasn’t right. Kept it for years, only used at Christmas. Eventually I decided to donate it, but several Charities said they couldn’t take it, as it had no fire certificate and everyone wanted leather!! Think a friend’s son took it - he wasn’t particular, as it was pink!

Laughterlines Sat 17-Oct-20 10:34:19

I have a babies cot and mattress nobody wants these days. Any ideas anybody? It will have to go to the dump otherwise.

Gwenisgreat1 Sat 17-Oct-20 10:43:51

Laughterlines have you tried Facebook Market place -it costs nothing, or here in Harrogate we used to have 'Freecycle' which has changed it's name to 'Freegle'. could be worth trying these?

fiorentina51 Sat 17-Oct-20 11:07:05

Facebook Marketplace is a good way to sell or offer items surplus to requirements. I have just sold a built in oven on there and have, in the past, made over £500 just selling odd things now and again.... an unused toilet seat went for £2. Every little helps. 😊

twinnytwin Sat 17-Oct-20 11:15:00

When my parents downsized my son (in 20s) had their G Plan sideboard. They have recently died so he's had the rest of their furniture. G Plan is very popular for it's retro look. Trouble is he's only got a small property, so two of the six dining chairs are stored in our garage.

midgey Sat 17-Oct-20 11:25:03

Laughterlines, have you seen that you can turn a cot into a seat? I was impressed....try you tube, or freecycle to let someone else do it!

Jaxjacky Sat 17-Oct-20 11:32:30

We have a Facebook group ‘I need a whisk‘ where people advertise for/offer stuff for free, not sure if it’s a national thing?