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Covid needed to understand

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vampirequeen Mon 12-Oct-20 18:25:47

We live in a Tier 1 area.

DH's 12 year old son lives in a Tier 2 area.

The way we think it works is that DH can visit his son but not go into the his ex's house. However he can take his son out for the day but can't bring him here because I'm not part of his bubble and he's not my child.

Are we right? We're very confused.

Illte Mon 12-Oct-20 18:40:56

That's right basically. Your DH can only meet with his son outside.
It makes sense.

You wouldn't want to bring someone from a high risk area to a home in a medium risk area. Or go from a medium risk area to spend time indoors in a high risk area.

That'll soon turn medium to high!

suziewoozie Mon 12-Oct-20 18:40:59

I’m leaving it until tomorrow to understand as there will be alterations/clarifications before the vote.