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Autumn colours

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Lisagran Thu 15-Oct-20 09:30:34

I’ve always loved autumn - crisp mornings, woodsmoke, crackly leaves, all the cliches! Had a great walk in the woods yesterday that lifted my mood no end. It was good to get out. Also, it’s good to be back here.....

Grandmabatty Thu 15-Oct-20 09:35:03

Welcome back from the Dog House! Your photos are lovely. Autumn is my favourite time of the year and today is one such where I live. Blue skies, crisp weather but little wind.

Teetime Thu 15-Oct-20 09:38:52

I love Autumn too (maybe not this one so much) . The colours in park when I walked through were gorgeous. Sad to see all the crushed conkers on the ground - does no-one collect them anymore?

Bellanonna Thu 15-Oct-20 09:45:39

Gorgeous pictures Lisagran and I echo the cliches.

Teetime, sadly little boys don’t seem to play with conkers now (H&S)! My little GS took an acorn into class and it was quickly discarded because someone had a nut allergy. We live in very different times.

Lisagran Thu 15-Oct-20 09:47:57

Oh, that’s sad about the acorn, Bellanonna - though I guess I wouldn’t say that if my child had a nut allergy. I used to love Nature tables, as a child and as a teacher smile

Ellianne Thu 15-Oct-20 09:51:49

Lovely photos, you've inspired me to try to get some autumn shots today. We are still quite green here in the South West due to our climate. I can't wait for the darker colours and crunchy leaves.

Puzzler61 Thu 15-Oct-20 09:57:52

Welcome back Lisagran.
Autumn is full of gorgeous colour and we also went for a walk amongst the trees yesterday. A species of rhododendron was shedding its leaves which were unusually large, so I took a photo of my foot by it.

Ellianne Thu 15-Oct-20 09:57:54

Acirns and conkers can cause problems if eaten by dogs. Watch out if you have an anything goes muncher like my greedy dog.

Omg, I mentioned my dog, (sorry, after a recent poster took offence!)

Ellianne Thu 15-Oct-20 09:58:13


Blossoming Thu 15-Oct-20 10:03:18

Autumn is my favourite time of year. The light is so soft and beautiful and I can wear my favourite warm coat.

Dee1012 Thu 15-Oct-20 10:03:27

It's my favourite time of year...and I do still enjoy kicking through leaves!!

Lisagran Thu 15-Oct-20 10:04:12

Thanks, Puzzler. That leaf is huge (or you’ve got teeny tiny feet smile)

Lisagran Thu 15-Oct-20 10:06:28


Puzzler61 Thu 15-Oct-20 10:21:41

Just beautiful photo’s. Sights for the senses to savour.

Witzend Thu 15-Oct-20 11:25:21

Lately I’ve been picking up conkers littering the pavement near our house - we then scatter them in nearby Richmond Park - apparently they’re an essential part of the diet of deer - so the signs in the park have said, asking people to leave them.

I’m looking forward to the mature beech tree in our garden changing colour. Against a blue sky it’s absolutely glorious.

The tree is really too big for our little garden but it was there when the house was built and is protected, not that we’d ever want to get rid of it. A NDN has badly wanted it felled - he strongly objects to the mess of leaves and beech mast - so we were v glad when the tree officer firmly told him No Way!

Lisagran Thu 15-Oct-20 16:30:34


cornergran Thu 15-Oct-20 16:36:55

Beautiful photos lisagran, pleased to see you back.

Lisagran Thu 15-Oct-20 16:49:47

Thanks, cornergran. Such a beautiful day.

Callistemon Thu 15-Oct-20 17:52:28

Hello Lisagran 👋

Sad to see all the crushed conkers on the ground - does no-one collect them anymore?
I collected conkers yesterday and put them in a bowl in the conservatory, hoping they'll keep spiders away.
There weren't many conkers left, though.

Nortsat Thu 15-Oct-20 17:57:11

Lovely photos ... just the tonic we need.
Welcome back from the Doghouse.

Lisagran Thu 15-Oct-20 18:00:45

Hello Callistemon and Nortsat

Playground duty in conker season - those were the days grin