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Son’s school should be closed but not.

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Bluebellwould Tue 20-Oct-20 08:39:08

My son works in a primary school where his children go. Four teachers and the caretaker (who wonders round the school like a lost cat apparently) have got corona. It started with one case of corona and that class being sent home but the rest of the school continued. Now we have four classes sent home but the rest continue. Surely the sensible thing would have been to send the whole school home for two weeks isolation when the first case occurred. It’s all just so demoralising when things aren’t being done to halt infection rates. To make matters worse the weather’s gloomy and wet! I feel like having a temper tantrum and stamping my feet and shouting and rolling on the floor thumping my fists and going red in the face. Well perhaps not. 😳

Sar53 Wed 21-Oct-20 22:02:06

I have just heard from my daughter, that all students at granddaughter's school have been told to isolate for two weeks from last Friday, as many more positive cases since the weekend. School is shut til at least 2nd November.

FannyCornforth Thu 22-Oct-20 06:39:21

Wishing you and your families all the best BlueBelleWould and Sar53.
Very worrying times. It's kicking off big style in schools.
Several of my colleagues have tested positive.
Years 9 and 10 are to stay at home.
So much for "bubbles'. Just wishful thinking.
I'm so bloody angry about this.

Franbern Thu 22-Oct-20 09:29:15


Who will pay the teachers wages if they are sent home for weeks? I didn't see any of them furloughed last time either. I don't believe they all worked full time last lockdown.

quizqueen, the teachers that I know (covering all ages and sections of education), were all working very many more hours than normal during lockdown. Trying to attend zoom staff meetings, run their usual lessons on line, doing special classes for those that required it, lesson preparing for new system, but still having to lesson plan for usual system, - many of them at the same time as trying desperately to find time to home school their own children,.