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DPD phishing scam

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vampirequeen Fri 30-Oct-20 08:19:02

I got an email supposedly from DPD today. It's yet another scam.

This is taken from the real DPD website so you can get a better idea of the scam.

cornergran Fri 30-Oct-20 08:23:53

We had one of those about three weeks ago. Quickly deleted.

Oopsadaisy4 Fri 30-Oct-20 08:39:12

Apparently we are due a delivery from UPS, it didn’t arrive yesterday and another email last night says that it will delivered today, complete with a tracking number, obviously we haven’t ordered anything and the email doesn’t say where the goods are coming from.

Are they expecting us to call the number provided? Otherwise I can’t see how a scam might work

annsixty Fri 30-Oct-20 11:11:24

Had the DPD one yesterday.
It was just deleted as there is always someone in my house to receive parcels.

Namsnanny Fri 30-Oct-20 11:15:09

Thankyou vampirequeen.
Im not very good with tech, so I'm always grateful for a heads up!

Oopsadaisy4 Fri 30-Oct-20 11:16:09

Just had a phone call from DD2 asking if I had received my surprise delivery from UPS..........ho hum.