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Fay Weldon was subjected to coercive control

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welbeck Sat 31-Oct-20 01:50:55

apparently she attempted suicide and is now seeking divorce. married nearly 30 years. he was even dictating articles she wrote about how happily married she was.
also used up all her money, cut her off from friends.
am glad she's fled, to her son's house, but surprised and shocked to think this was going on. it can happen to anyone, however successful and intelligent.

FannyCornforth Sat 31-Oct-20 02:14:59

I haven't read the recent news about Fay.
I was a huge fan of hers when I was younger, I read loads of her books.
I remember she had a very, very difficult marriage with her first husband also.
(I know that this is completely irrelevant, but she is such an attractive and striking looking woman.)