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Crisis at Christmas

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annsixty Sun 01-Nov-20 11:26:38

Prompted by another thread in which a poster thinks we should not decorate but give to charity and another one thinks we should stop drinking, thoughts with which I do not agree incidentally.
I have thought about Crisis at Christmas , a charity dear to my heart, if the worst prognosticators are right and this lockdown doesn’t work and is extended will Crisis be able to carry on it’s good work?

They cater for thousands over the period with shelter, good food, health checks and of course a brief socialising for the forgotten people in our society.

It would be a very downward step if the cannot happen.

Oopsadaisy4 Sun 01-Nov-20 11:28:35

Ann I haven’t heard if the Government are providing Hotel rooms for the homeless this time around, hopefully they will.

GagaJo Sun 01-Nov-20 11:32:20

It would be wonderful, if they did.

EllanVannin Sun 01-Nov-20 11:46:36

In my local paper the government plan to deport foreign rough sleepers by using draconian laws which will lead to deaths on the streets. This was penned by a Liverpool charity.

Attention is being turned to the plight of hungry children across the country.

Under the new immigration laws to be put before parliament and due to come into force after the Brexit transition on January 1st. rough sleeping will become grounds for refusal or cancellation of permission to be in the UK.
More than a quarter of rough sleepers in the UK are thought to be foreign nationals.

This is from the Paper Cup Project.

EllanVannin Sun 01-Nov-20 11:50:43

" Attention is being turned to the plight of hungry children across the country "------notice the diversion ?
He who disallowed school meals during holidays. Oh, Boris !