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Good Evening Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 01-Nov-20 12:42:30

My Chinese waiter thinks all white people look alike and gave my food to the wrong customer
Wait. Never mind. That wasn't my waiter

So it's lockdown time again!
The news is replete with sadness; "James Bond" dies, Nobby Stiles dies; Man U. and England (1966 World Cup), lockdown, panic buying!

rafichagran also watched Man. City beat "The Blades" and didn't it rain!? Must have been freezing cold too and yet by half-time the sun was shining.

Jaxjacky No wonder the curtains were twitching watching 5 male visitors turn up; all at the same time I trust, otherwise they'd never stop twitching! shock
I suppose all your winnings helped to finance your new car, which has not had much opportunity to clock up any mileage.
If the UK follows our lockdown procedures, which it should, there's every chance of containing the spread of infection within a reasonably short time-frame, but it requires a lot of self discipline and control. What is "reasonably short" is anyone's guess I suppose, but it looks like being a bleak Christmas. sad

Megs All things seem quiet 0n the Home Front just now; all at Church I suppose! Your C/H is on full blast and somehow I'm not surprised having endured many English Winters, although the best is yet to come with Feb/Mar. on the horizon. hmm
I still remember the Thames at Windsor frozen right across to the Eton side and one of the better decisions in my life, abandoning thoughts of walking across. shock
Even the ducks and swans didn't appear interested.
It's now 11.40pm and feeling quite chilly after a 22C day; looks like a full moon in a clear sky so that explains it.

Hot cocoa again!
Good Health wine wine wine

Jaxjacky Sun 01-Nov-20 14:48:21

Hi Rufus, yes they did arrive at the same time😏 agree about self discipline to fight the virus, unfortunately some seem to have little. It will be a very different Christmas, our usual influx of son, daughter and her two children may well be curtailed for the first time ever. On a more cheerful note, I’ve chosen Master of Reality for the cup, the name seems appropriate. Btw, it’s raining, very lightly, but warm for November at 16degrees, no sign of frost yet.
Stay safe 🥂