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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 03-Nov-20 06:16:01

Good Morning Everyone ,
Its dark, wet and windy here in Brackley this morning.
I am planning to my usual today as I want to finish getting my Xmas gift cards .
But we have had a confirmed case of covid -19 in the building , although the letter sent to everyone states carers and essential visitors should continue .
Will give more tomorrow on how the day goes but will have cycling on Tv as well as its final week of the Vuelta .
Take Care,

EmilyHarburn Tue 03-Nov-20 19:25:13

Dear Mick so sorry to hear someone in your building has covid. do hope it does not spread and that you make sure that you have plenty of hand sanitizer and comfortable masks.

I have done my lock down shop today which include gin and tonic as well as meat, sausages, muesli, cheese, pasta etc.

Stilllearning Tue 03-Nov-20 17:51:46

Good evening to any still reading after a lovely afternoon here in S Lanarkshire. Just wanted to say good luck to hollysteers for tomorrow, glad that you have your daughter for support. I’ve always been a fiercely independent person too but I think Taichenan puts it in a nutshell.

Taichinan Tue 03-Nov-20 12:45:14

Grammaretto so glad you have DH home, and DS with you too. And on his own private (almost) jumbo to boot! And Hollysteers, I don't think Covid diminishes us but rather opens our eyes to the fact that, however strong and independent we are, we do need our tribe. Enjoy your DD (and all the goodies) and I hope all goes well tomorrow.

NannyJan53 Tue 03-Nov-20 12:09:18

Glad to see you are back Cherry albeit not still feeling 100% flowers

Just back from a walk into town. The large queues have started outside shops again. Waitrose, etc, which is odd as supermarkets aren't closing?

BlueSapphire flowers

CherryCezzy Tue 03-Nov-20 11:57:15

Just popping back in between errands.

Thank you for the warm welcome back all you lovely "peoploids" 😄.

Happy Birthday to Mr Georgesgran 🎂

It's lovely to see you posting again BlueSapphire 🌼

I do hope you return gillybob, you are missed.

Georgesgran Tue 03-Nov-20 11:52:53

Thank you Annapops. X

Blossoming Tue 03-Nov-20 11:50:03

Good morning, just! Some horrendous rain earlier and hailstones. The sun is out just now but plenty of cloud about. Hope everyone is safe and well.

mrswoo Tue 03-Nov-20 11:33:57

Good morning everyone from a grey Newcastle. I'm going to have to give myself a bit of a shake today - feeling a bit down in the mouth. I'm half way through the track and Trace imposed isolation. Still haven't a clue who I came in contact with. The app gives me a daily countdown to when I will be free but of course lockdown will have already started by then. Rant over and an apology for being so weak when others on this lovely thread have much more to contend with.
Ashcombe we used to live in Greenock until fairly recently and could see the ships from our flat. The Princess ships were the best as they have a cinema screen on the open top deck and show "Movies under the stars". I once stood at my window and watched The Greatest Showman - I was probably the only person watching as it was a typical wet and windy west of Scotland night.

Taichinan Tue 03-Nov-20 11:30:51

Welcome back Cherry and hope the other half of your glass fills up soon. And Happy 70th to Mr Georgesgran - a very special one to cherish.

Mapleleaf Tue 03-Nov-20 11:20:34

Good morning,

It's a bonny morning, as my MiL used to say. A big improvement on yesterday. Chilly though, but lovely for a walk if wrapped up - I might be tempted later.

Think I might bake a Parkin today and generally potter about.

Take extra care, mick, now a case of Covid has been identified in your accommodation.

Happy anniversary Jaxjacky 🍾💐 . Enjoy your fish and chip supper.

The photos posted today are lovely , the sky especially, looks stunning.

Nice to see your post, too, Cherry and glad to read that you are feeling 50% better. Here's hoping it will soon be 100%. 💐

Take it easy today, Mary - you've had a few unsettling days.

To all feeling under the weather, sad or worried, I hope today offers you some solace. Gilly that includes you. 💐

Take care one and all.

Parsley3 Tue 03-Nov-20 11:14:39

Good morning from Forth Valley. It has been raining overnight but the sun is out now so time for a walk through the lovely autumn landscape.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 03-Nov-20 11:03:19

Happy Anniversary Jax 🍾🍾

Happy 70th Birthday to Mr.Georgesgran 🎂🥂🎉

Good to see you posting Cherry 👋

Gwenisgreat1 Tue 03-Nov-20 10:53:36

Good Morning all from sunny Harrogate. DH is still out with the dog who sometimes takes him for a very long walk! Ashcombe, that sounds a good trip in preparation for the coming Lockdown?
Yesterday had a visit from DD2 with GS who'd been to the hospital for eye checks. Seems he needs specs which surprised me, because he doesn't miss anything and can catch a ball without difficulty (GS has Down syndrome)
Dog has at last brought DH home, time for coffee!!

Hope all who are feeling rough feel better soon.

Oopsadaisy4 Tue 03-Nov-20 10:52:02

Good morning from a sunny, cold and blustery Oxfordshire, builder is still working away, he brings his dog who whizzes up and down the garden all day chasing leaves and anything else that moves.
Good news that DD2 and the GCs have had a negative Covid result although the GCs stepmother is positive as is one of her children, although they all have heavy colds as their symptoms, so 2 false positives or the others have false negatives?
Anyway, they all have to isolate until the 9th anyway as their school mates have tested positive too.
Thankfully not poorly though.
Stay safe everyone, bake bread and save loaves......or something like that.

Annapops Tue 03-Nov-20 10:41:25

Happy birthday 🎂 to your DH Georgesgran. Let that sun shine on you both today.

Annapops Tue 03-Nov-20 10:38:46

Good morning all from sunny County Durham.

Feeling a little down today as it should be one of our childcare days. DD1 has decided to put little one in nursery for some extra days this month to give us a contact break. It also means no school pick up for GS's 3 and 4. I have such mixed feelings, one of relief and one of sadness. We're hoping it's just for one month so we're living in hope. Oh how we took what was once normality for granted.

I know I have little to whinge and whine about compared to a lot of GNs currently housebound and lonely. I do hope something comes along to brighten your day. Thoughts go to "gilly too. I hope she is ok after going through so much pain and upset.

Loved those photos of the cruise ships.

Have the best day you can everyone. X

Grandmafrench Tue 03-Nov-20 10:35:42

Good Morning everyone from the usual sunny S of France. Having said that we lit the wood burner yesterday evening! Bliss......there’s nothing like real flames and the entire (animal) family all quietly snoring, to bring cheer.
Holly and Grammaretto very poignant posts. Georgesgran Birthday wishes to your DH and 🥇🥇to you both for your struggles. Happy Anniversary to the Jax 2 🥂

Wonderful to see you back, Cherry ...... please don’t let yourself get too tired. Better days now, we hope.

Seems everyone is trying to wring last treats out of days before lockdown. I’m trying to forget about it - we’re 5 days in here, all calm, no shortages, no queues - everything crossed it stays that way. We’re all in the same boat - even if some days it feels like we’re sinking - so we have to support each other and 😃 smile. Just keep safe, all, while we’re doing it.

Mary do hope you’re calm now and that you’re feeling better. The risks that you take getting that wound up.......! I managed to keep it zipped, you should too. Nothing summed it up better than GrannySomerset’s post of yesterday. Spot on, GS. 👍. We all want to rage but without support and so much frustration, the only thing that happens is we risk harming ourselves. Stupid, or what, and who will care? Don’t play! Don’t engage! If others get caught by it, so what. It’s the best possible way - a silent protest. Plenty of sound and sane stuff to share elsewhere. Take care, little lady. 🌹

To you all, the warmest of wishes and the usual French hug 💐

boat Tue 03-Nov-20 10:31:04

I don't often post on this thread and usually so late that probably no one notices.

Earlier it was raining but now it is actually SUNNY here in North Warwickshire.

Cherycezzy 50 odd years ago I was on a week long field trip in the Gower as part of a degree course.

It couldn't happen today (H&S) but early one morning I was dropped off by one of the lecturers at the causeway to the Worm's Head with a plankton net.

I walked all the way to the end and dangled off the the rocks to collect samples. I had lived all my life in London and had never truly been alone before. It was amazing.

Susan56 Tue 03-Nov-20 10:26:01

So glad to see you posting Cherry🎉sorry you are only 50% but onwards and upwards💪🏼Don’t overdo it though,want that % going up not down.x

Bazwheat Tue 03-Nov-20 10:15:41

Good day from Yeovil. Bit rainy, but sun now trying to shine. Been out with 🐕, little chilly damp but he does not care !

Nortsat Tue 03-Nov-20 10:07:33

Good morning Mick and the GM team from a currently grey east London.
Take extra care these days Mick.
Happy anniversary Jax, enjoy your fish & chip supper (yum).
Hope MrG has a comfortable day Grammaretto
Good wishes to Maryd and Dragonfly.

On my walk yesterday I noticed one of the houses in the next street, still had pumpkin lanterns on their windowsill and amazingly a dish of sweets, with sweets still remaining.
We must have the most restrained children in London, in our area.

Wishing everyone a pleasant day, good morning to gilly and ‘let’s be careful out there’. 😎

BlueSapphire Tue 03-Nov-20 10:06:26

Oh sugar, have just lost my whole post, so have to start all over again!

Good morning everyone from a bright Northampton. Just had crumpets and raspberry jam and a mug of tea. Changed the bed yesterday so the washing machine is on to do the bedding. Tumble dryer today, methinks. Then later put a Bolognese in the slow cooker for tonight. Looking forward to a nice glass of Italian red with that!

Must look up Christmas cake recipe today to see what ingredients I need to add to my Sainsbury's order. Not making a big one this year, but two small loaf tin sized ones for DS and DD.

First session with a therapist at lunchtime today so feeling a bit nervous. Hoping it will help me cope with my anxiety which I have suffered from this year. I have had CBT and online webinars from NHS local mental health services and there doesn't seem to be anything else they can offer me, so I decided to seek out private treatment, as family were becoming concerned. Think it will be a getting to know you session; it's by WhatsApp, so that will be interesting. Must read through the information she has sent me first.

Hoping that a nice day is in store for us all.

aggie Tue 03-Nov-20 10:02:17

Good Morning all, lovely bright morning here , I am still in my PJs! Must stirr and pop out for a trot round the garden at least , I feel that I am slowly going “off my feet “ as I have nowhere to go . I did manage a quick supermarket dash yesterday , but that is the total sum of my exercise lately 🙄
Had. Bit of a conundrum thrown at me yesterday and thinking about old days

hollysteers Tue 03-Nov-20 09:59:50

Good morning Mick and all from a wet Grey Gables, West Lancashire. My wet cat enjoying her breakfast.
My bubbled daughter here and what a difference it makes! I feel like a normal huming being again! She arrived with a flowering plant, Danish pastries and conversation and a cup of tea this morning, what a blessing. Last night after the meal, we ate the pastries watching First Dates, the wind howling outside, cosy.
Also, I’m really glad she will be with me tomorrow when I go to the BIG CITY Hospital for my mammogram (I’ve had bc twice).
It never usually bothers me, I’m v independent in most things, but this tine I’ll appreciate it. So this is what lockdown does, it diminishes us.
I do hope you Covid situation is ok Mick and thoughts to the worried 💐

Beauregard Tue 03-Nov-20 09:48:53

So glad to see you back and feeling a lot better Cherrycezzy. I've missed your posts flowers