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Embarrassing stories for light relief?

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Bluebellwould Thu 12-Nov-20 16:04:02

To lift the mood a little I wondered if there was anything embarrassing or awkward that you would admit to?
My story is I went to live with my future in-laws before I married my husband. My husband was one of three brothers and when I stayed with them I had the small box room and he shared a room with his brothers when he wasn’t sleeping in the police section house. Well one night he stayed over sleeping in the single bed whilst his younger brother aged 17 and very shy, slept in the Z-bed. My husband to be always slept in late and with the covers over his head. In the morning, feeling very seductive and sultry, I went into their bedroom. The Z bed was empty so my brother in law to be had obviously gone down for breakfast. I sat on the single bed burrowed my hand up a warm hairy leg and crawled my fingers upwards and onwards singing incy wincy spider. All of a sudden his knees clamped together catching my hands and a squeaky little voice said ‘stop’! My husband to be then came back into the room leaving me to explain why I was feeling up his little brother.
Hope you all have embarrassing stories to tell.

Grannynannywanny Thu 12-Nov-20 16:37:15


tanith Thu 12-Nov-20 16:38:15

When I was engaged to my first husband his parents took us to a club they went to a lot they insisted I play bingo. I had no idea what I was doing never having played before my fiancée suddenly called ‘House’ and grabbed my card waving it in the air. It turned out I’d marked the thing all wrong and hadn’t won. He very sheepishly sat down and his parents looked totally embarrassed.

Grannynannywanny Thu 12-Nov-20 16:41:40

Bluebellwould I’m still laughing picturing that scene unfold. Was it one of those embarrassing episodes that was never mentioned again or did your future brother in law have a laugh about it later?

LauraNorder Thu 12-Nov-20 17:07:01

At age fifteen I met Orlin Norder, wed been out a few times when he told me that his parents would like to meet me and had invited me to lunch on Sunday. I had been shopping with my mother on the Saturday and she had treated me to a pair of red tartan kitten heeled shoes with black patent toes and heels. On Sunday morning I put them on to walk to the newsagent for the Sunday papers, I took a short cut through a building site to avoid passing Orlin’s house. Just before reaching the shop I stepped on to what looked like solid grey ground only to sink ankle deep in mud. I had to put the other foot in to get out and stumbled in to the newsagent in years. He was so kind and fetched a bucket of water to wash my feet and shoes while a horrid middle aged customer laughed his head off which added to my distress.
Later that day I arrived at Orlin’s house in my flat black school shoes and went in to be introduced to his parents and, I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, horrid, insensitive middle aged man was his father.

LauraNorder Thu 12-Nov-20 17:08:07

In tears not years

LauraNorder Thu 12-Nov-20 17:15:13

Similar tale to Bluebellewould. I was about eighteen when one day Orlin’s father was wearing similar trousers to his son and had bent down to put some wood on the fire, I had walked in and put a hand in each pocket from behind caressing as I went, fortunately the pockets weren’t quite long enough to reach the bits other pockets may have reached as Orlin walked in to the room.
The worrying thing was the father didn’t react to warn me and I never trusted him after that. Sleazy old piece of turf.

MamaCaz Thu 12-Nov-20 17:46:46

I caused a tsunami on a bus when I fell backwards as the driver braked at the stop, causing those behind me to fall too.

That's not my only embarrassing bus story, but I'll leave it at that for now grin

Puzzler61 Thu 12-Nov-20 17:58:57

When DH and I were courting we went to town one Saturday. I went into a chemist to buy hairspray and he said he’d stand outside.
Hairspray was on a shelf above a stacked up pyramid display of Slimfast tins. As I reached for the spray I knocked most of the tins over, then stepped back on a blind customer’s sitting Guide dog’s tail causing him to yelp. Commotion and much noise was caused as you can imagine.
I came out of the shop and OH said “did you hear all that noise in there?” I dragged him away quickly explaining “hear it - I caused it!” 😡