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Good Evening Thursday

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Rufus2 Thu 19-Nov-20 12:50:18

Phew! Again! It’s 10.45pm and still 30C indoors, but I refuse to put the A/C on in the cause of saving the planet.!
Ideal conditions for my Nuddy attire tonight. Haven’t “worn” it for ages, but at least the creases won’t need ironing out, or more likely can’t.! blush

Vic/SA border is now “locked” pending the drafting of new permits for essential workers. Compliance with regs. is excellent with no new new cases already today.
TV very entertaining this evening. Michael Portillo back in India, this time without trains; concentrated on the role played by the East India Co.
Then the third and final episode of “The Great Fire of London”
Very interesting with great graphics.
Last evening we were exploring the Canals of England, their history, their use by industry, then the increasing competition from road and rail until their eventual decline, followed by tourism.
Who sez we ain’t cultured!? grin

Our friendly State Govt. is about to give each and everyone of us a $200 voucher to be spent on holiday visits to regional VIC holiday centres. Has to be matched by at least $400 of our money and must include overnight stays, all in the worthwhile cause of getting the tourism and small business industries back up and running again.

Test match against India in Adelaide might be in doubt next month due to Covid.
Hopefully the Boxing Day Test at the MCG in Melb. will be OK given our excellent anti-Covid controls, although there will presumably be crowd limits.

Face masks might be off the agenda this week-end now that Summer has arrived! hmm

Good Health wine wine wine