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Debenhams - another shop from my past gone.

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Kandinsky Tue 01-Dec-20 10:40:17

Feel so sorry for the 12,000 staff losing their jobs.
Online shopping is ruining so much. Years ago ( even as little as 5 years ago ) shop work was pretty much guaranteed employment for so many - not anymore sad

Calender37 Wed 02-Dec-20 13:27:24

Urmstongran Completely agree with you. There was a time when most British women wanted to look elegant and well dressed and the wide variety of shops/stores provided choices for every purse. On line shopping has dramatically changed shopping habits in every way and IMHO many have come to accept much of the cheap and poorly made clothing that is imported. Our textile industry died because of lack of investment and the Made In Britain on labelling is virtually non existent. So the collapse of our High Streets can be attributed to many reasons. But the continuing loss of jobs is heartbreaking and many people will have no idea how they are going to live.

luluaugust Wed 02-Dec-20 13:50:15

Sodapop you have bought back happy memories of Louth, I remember finding all sorts of different things in Eve & Ranshaw.
I feel so sorry for all the staff losing their jobs, our local Debenhams is quite small and was on the list to keep going, the staff were so pleased. It had a lovely small cafe which was popular with the locals. We do have quite a few small shops but will they ever reopen?

Chardy Wed 02-Dec-20 13:51:52

Even thirty years ago, I found Debenhams very old fashioned

libra10 Wed 02-Dec-20 13:53:17

Just heard on the news that Bon Marche has gone into liquidation for the second time. They were going to go in with Edinburgh Woolen Mill, so it looks like it might fall through.

Bon Marche are the only shop which sells trousers which fit my leg length, will be sorry to see them go.

Chardy Wed 02-Dec-20 14:01:54

I feel so sorry for those whose jobs are going, and the majority will be women.
The Mirror Pensions debacle was late 80s, why are pension funds not properly protected 30 years later?

Patticake123 Wed 02-Dec-20 14:22:54

Phillip Greed is precisely right. But what do we do about it except grumble. People who were being applauded not so many weeks ago, for their bravery keeping us alive during the pandemic, are now being told they are so important to the country they can have a pay freeze but friends of the government are being given colossal handouts of millions of pounds. And what do we do about it? Absolutely nothing at all. We should be ashamed of our government.

Mauddib Wed 02-Dec-20 14:37:47

Debenhams has been on the cards not just for a while but for a few years. So no big surprise at all. I always thought it was so outdated and over priced. All the franchise stalls will either go on line or it could start a revival of small shops on the high street. But that is a risk. I stopped shopping in Debenhams years ago it was always just too much and seemed so expensive. Sorry for the 12000 staff though but nothing can be done it is what the future is becoming. No big stores anymore as too expensive too run because of greedy landlords which have also helped to kill the high street.

Why are people mentioning Philip Green when he has nothing to do with the demise of Debenhams. This post is about Debenhams and he is the chairman not the owner of Arcadia Group, a retail company that includes Topshop, Topman, Wallis, Evans, Burton, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and Outfit. So as so many have brought this man to light, no he has no legal duty to fill the pension hole. But like most people I to feel that he should as he has made millions if not a billion out of this company.

JdotJ Wed 02-Dec-20 15:55:13


Soon high streets will be for ‘experiences’ only - anything that can’t be bought on line - coffee shops, nail bars, hairdressers, bars & restaurants, ice cream parlours and chip shops!

My son lives in Urmston, Urmstongran.
Lovely place

JaneRn Wed 02-Dec-20 16:29:49

It is always sad when people lose their jobs but especially so when it is just before Christmas. You have to feel for them

Having said that I shall not miss Debenhams one bit. I always felt it was a fusty, dowdy sort of shop and in the 40-plus years I have lived here I cannot recall having bought anything there and in fact the only reason I ever go
in is to use their loos which are always immaculately clean, unlike the rest of the shop. I do wonder what will become of the building which is a prime position overlooking the river and would make wonderful flats,

I still miss Woolworths and Timothy Whites, and Dickins and Jones in Regent Street.

Aepgirl Wed 02-Dec-20 16:37:47

Debenham’s has been going downhill for years. I’ve often wondered how they managed to struggle on.

Kryptonite Wed 02-Dec-20 16:54:32

I always loved my favourite shop, Debenhams. So sorry it's gone.😟

sodapop Wed 02-Dec-20 17:45:27

luluaugust I've had some lovely things from Eve & Ranshaw as well, I hope they survive, I haven't been able to visit for the last year.

Grandma70s Wed 02-Dec-20 17:57:59

I remember when it was Debenham and Freebody, but I don’t think I’ve ever shopped there.

Dinahmo Wed 02-Dec-20 18:05:47


CarlyD7 I am trying to visualise what animal he will come back as. Some animals can look fierce but be quite cute. Not him.

A slug - food for hedgehogs.

Fanni Wed 02-Dec-20 21:06:45

Growing up in Bournemouth, I remember Brights, Bobby's, Plummers, Beales and Bealesons. All, I think, were department stores. Anybody else remember?

Dorsetcupcake61 Thu 03-Dec-20 08:00:23

Fanni I've been in the area since 1976.! Bealsons I had forgotten about! In the last four years so much has disappeared Mark's and Spencer's, Beales. House of Fraser is now owned by Sports Direct. BHS disappeared. Then there are the other stores that are smaller such as Clinton's,Thorntons, Evan's. I havent been there this year but it's hard to visualise what left,well apart from a massive Primark and the usual coffee chains.!
I remember when House of Fraser was Dingles and it had the most amazing food department with what seemed incredibly exotic items! I was saddest to see Beales close, I knew people over the years who worked there and it seemed a lovely place.
I suppose for many of us there is so much nostalgia. Department stores were special places. One of my earliest memories is of going to the one where I grew up ,I remember the joy of their book department and having a milkshake float.
As an adult the good ones were for if you needed something special or good quality.
Still I suppose they cant survive on fond memories. Trends have changed.
I use Amazon a lot,and also Ebay. Amazon causes me so much conflict in just about every area of how it works.
In reality its invaluable to me, even more so this year. The choice is unbeatable and the prices competitive. When my father was alive and had dementia I was able to source local history books of where he grew up. I wouldnt have been able to get locally.
For a few years now I have tried to source items locally,and just cant find them.
At the beginning of the year I wanted a bath toy for my grandsons birthday. I looked with increasing desperation around my local town. Nothing. Of course there are no toy shops,but even Boots which used to have a good baby department had nothing!
I sat on a bench and logged on to Amazon. In less than a minute I found a lovely tug boat that not only was a totally reasonable price but was made using non toxic totally recycled and recyclable materials. Everything about it was ethical. It arrived within 24 hours.
When I looked up I saw a row of Amazon lockers where you can deposit or collect items. It felt rather like an omen.
For me this year Amazon has gone from a useful resource to an absolute necessity. I been able to send Easter eggs and advent calendars directly to my daughter and her family. I've even sent this years Christmas presents to her in case they cant visit. I've bought birthday cards,books,craft items. Everything I'm unable to get to the shops for,and to be honest would struggle to find if could. Items are competitively priced,arrive without fail and I'm always pleased with the quality.
It does worry me. This year is very different. I dont drive and taking a bus to find cotton for a craft project just not going to happen. I wouldnt want anyone else to have to go to the shops on my behalf for anything that isnt vital. Online shopping had kept me independent.
As some have suggested it is concerning the monopoly Amazon has and how that could be abused.
When we did emerge from this crisis I do wonder what it will be to.
The loss of jobs is tragic and I'm never quite sure what any government says when they bang on about job creation. What are we creating?