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Nosy (but Positive!) Thread

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FannyCornforth Wed 02-Dec-20 16:38:48

Hello everyone
I can't be the only one to notice that's it's a bit quiet and sad on here today.
Lots of people are struggling one way or another, myself included.

So let's big ourselves up. tchsmile

Tell me (and everyone else!) three things that you are exceptionally, or even just vaguely, good at.
I haven't given this much thought, honest, but I'll go first.
In fact, I can't even muster enough energy to do three straight away...
And in the spirit of 'good feedback' I'll add a rubbish one aswell

3. Drawing (but not painting)

Could do better: anything to do with direction or balance.

Hope you all have a good, peaceful evening x

Woodmouse Wed 02-Dec-20 16:46:26

What a lovely, positive post!
I'm pretty good at the following.

1. Cooking
2. Dancing
3. Saving money

(I'm not good at languages).

Alegrias2 Wed 02-Dec-20 16:50:55

Not relevant to the thread Fanny but you get a lot of positive mentions today on the vaccination thread.

For 1 and 2 for you, I'd suggest cheering other people up and understanding the subtexts of films grin

Urmstongran Wed 02-Dec-20 16:51:49

1. Reading
2. Procrastinating (I always have a ‘list’ of things to do)
3. Making new friends

Blossoming Wed 02-Dec-20 16:52:38

1. Programming/software.
2. Jewellery making
3. Sewing and knitting

Rubbish at anything that requires good balance and co-ordination grin

Ellianne Wed 02-Dec-20 16:54:00

Maybe it's quiet on here today Fanny because everyone has been out and about today! (Guilty.)
I hope some who are struggling will join in your thread.

I'm brilliant at:
1. Dancing
2. Drama
3. Languages

(Rubbish at Science and singing)

Blossoming Wed 02-Dec-20 17:01:41

Ooh Elllianne, you just reminded me! I am a truly terrible singer (but am very good at remembering lyrics) grin

Grandma70s Wed 02-Dec-20 17:02:37

Singing (in choirs, not solo).
Poetry, understanding it and to a much lesser extent writing it.

I have always been rubbish when numbers are involved, as in maths.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 02-Dec-20 17:02:53

1 - cooking

2 - eating

3 - sitting and watching the world go by

tanith Wed 02-Dec-20 17:06:36

1. Knitting
2. Baking
3. Sorry I can’t think of a third unless getting better at living alone counts 😢

Gwyneth Wed 02-Dec-20 17:09:25

Making people feel welcome
Table tennis

kittylester Wed 02-Dec-20 17:11:25

Mine are similar to GG

1 Cooking
2 Eating
3 Drinking

Pittcity Wed 02-Dec-20 17:13:10

3.Washing Up

Tigerdove Wed 02-Dec-20 17:14:20

1. Money management

2. Problem solving

3. Cheering up people who are sad

No good at any sport

GagaJo Wed 02-Dec-20 17:14:36

FannyCornforth, I feel the way you do right now, but will have a go.

1) Sewing
2) Typing
3) Lying down

kittylester Wed 02-Dec-20 17:20:35

Can I have a fourth because, on today's experience, i can eat chocolate with great expertise!

Smileless2012 Wed 02-Dec-20 17:21:42

1. Cooking and baking
2. Singing
3. Making people laugh and not always intentionally!!

I wish I could have included programming/software Blossoming but when it comes to computers, I'm hopelesstchblush.

Lolo81 Wed 02-Dec-20 17:26:23

1. Crafty things
2. Falling over fresh air I’m super clumsy!
3. Drinking wine

Jaxjacky Wed 02-Dec-20 17:28:40

1. Cooking curry
2. Organisation
3. Staying in touch with people

Appalling at Maths and just lately, taking enough exercise.

kittylester Wed 02-Dec-20 17:29:19

I forgot the thing I'm not good at:

Taking myself seriously!!

Pantglas2 Wed 02-Dec-20 17:29:30

This is fun FannyCornforth! I’m brilliant at the first three and astonishingly bad at the last!

1. Personal finances
2 Feeding folks
3 Problem solving

Orientation - I can get lost anywhere!

sodapop Wed 02-Dec-20 17:34:16

1 Organising
2 Housework
3 Keeping people motivated (bossy)

Grannysmith Wed 02-Dec-20 17:36:19

Don’t often join in but love this thread

1. Sewing & crochet
2 languages
3 map reading

Nortsat Wed 02-Dec-20 17:36:29

1. Cooking

2. Looking after people’s well-being

3. Wasting/passing inordinate amounts of time browsing the internet. I am gold medal standard at this, now. 😎

sodapop Wed 02-Dec-20 17:36:45

Just seen your post Pantglas I'm the same I will always take the wrong turn when faced with a choice, no sense of direction.