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Good Evening Chewsday

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Rufus2 Tue 08-Dec-20 13:00:20

Don’t Call Us; We’ll call You

UK Health authorities, according to our News, regarding the jabs timetable. Reminds me of the concluding remarks at some job interviews! sad
We saw your first 80+ Grandma receiving her first jab. on the news this evening. Apparently she has to have another in three weeks. Good luck to her!

Megs Not sure how that couple from a passenger flight from Germany managed to board an internal flight to Melbourne, but fortunately they were Covid free when tested in Melbourne so the 127 other passengers don’t have to go into isolation.
The NSW police have copped criticism because they were expected to do a better job than the private company, now sacked.

W. Australia has now re-opened its border to East Coast inhabitants so more hugs and kisses at their airport

VIC is now approaching 40 “double-donut” days, but we are being told not to expect it to last much longer now that increased air-travel will increase the risks. hmm

Now why does Mr. M have to peel spuds? All the essential trace elements are in the peel. Mine come in the form of chips along with fried fish or mashed with frozen meals; heven’t seen the peeler for years. I run a tight labour-saving ship here.
Same with the washing machine; Vera religiously sorted a “dark” load and a white one, but I’ve found bunging it all in together gets it all clean and saves time and money.
I think it’s called lateral thinking! Now, what’s ironing!? confused

Jacxjacky Thanks for update on Celtic and Rangers; their players don’t seem to figure much outside Scotland as in days of yore. They’re probably frozen out of the EPL by all the overseas stars, but I suppose all their supporters still “entertain” themselves on a Saturday outside Ibrox Stadium or whereever!
Pretty cool in your allotment shed these days despite lashings of that onion concoction!?
A few warm Guinnesses should help to go with it! blush

Jane Don’t worry about it, no problem! Now how did you guess that Vera stuck a label * SCROOGE* on my forehead years ago!? She couldn’t understand that I’m not an impulse buyer and that I needed to go home and think about it before making a commiment. She always maintained that if you wanted it, saw it, then buy it; Son No.2 has inherited the same genes; product of the throw-away society; don’t try and mend anything, bin it and buy new!
Same with my groceries; no housebrand stuff from the bottom shelves; all top shelf, top price. I daren’t tell him to visit “Aldi” otherwise I’d starve! sad

You wouldn’t put a box of Aussie Christmas cards back, would you? We have many ethnic groups here of course and they can be quite colourful
Our Zoom teacher was showing how to create cards for all occasions including animated ones, so when I’ve got the hang of it I might flood the GN market!

Weather still grey, cool 16C, but 30C forecast for the weekend. Crazy!
One question arose with “Blood of the Clans”
What’s the difference between a “Mac” as in MacTavish, say and a Mc. ?
Apart from the spelling!

Good Heaklth wine wine wine

Jane10 Tue 08-Dec-20 13:52:46

Chilly again here today but at least it's dry for now. Haven't done much (as usual). I do the People's Friend writers hour on Tuesday mornings and there are some Aussie contributors on it. Aussie abbreviations always shock me eg 'illo' for illustration! Always refreshing though.
I'd better set out on my boring but necessary walk now. It's usually so dark by 3.30 it's time to shut the curtains. That reminds me, I loved the light in Sydney somehow. Just a different quality to it. I loved Sydney altogether. Sigh. Happy days.