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Christmas gifts for teachers

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Tigerdove Wed 09-Dec-20 15:22:07

The daughter of a friend of mine, who has two children in primary school, received a letter this week from the school. It stated that gifts for teachers would not be accepted but instead a donation of £10.00 per child would be accepted.

Nanagem Wed 09-Dec-20 15:33:55

Really 😳, I’m speechless

Marydoll Wed 09-Dec-20 15:33:58

As a retired teacher, I find that shocking and totally out of order!

Some of our parents could hardly afford to feed their children, let alone buy presents. We never looked for anything.

Lucretzia Wed 09-Dec-20 15:36:44


Surely not

That's pretty outrageous

Pantglas2 Wed 09-Dec-20 15:38:37

I’ve never understood why people with very little spare cash bought presents for people who were simply doing their job. Surely a simple well written card from the child was appreciated?

Chlot Wed 09-Dec-20 15:47:47

Also a retired teacher.
I always said that I would really appreciate a card or picture made by the child. We had a collection box for charity at the end of term; if anyone wanted to make a gift I asked them to pop something in the box, then I matched whatever was raised.
When I was at secondary school, back in the 1960s my school got round this minefield by asking each child to bring ONE flower from the garden to make up into a bouquet for the teacher ( end of summer term). Nothing else was allowed. I really feel that parents can feel blackmailed into sending presents!
A ‘thank you’ is all that is necessary- and is really appreciated.

Callistemon Wed 09-Dec-20 15:56:17

We get this kind of thread every year and I take them with a large pinch of Maldons.

Surely not
No, not.

Tigerdove Wed 09-Dec-20 15:56:35

The mother is refusing to do this, though they could afford it, on behalf of those who cannot. In these days of redundancies and furloughs I thought it was disgusting. The average primary class is approximately 29, are they expecting £290.00 per class?

Greenfinch Wed 09-Dec-20 15:57:37

I hope parents at the school complained at that outrageous suggestion.

EllanVannin Wed 09-Dec-20 15:58:40

I doubt it happens here on Merseyside {grin}

MrsThreadgoode Wed 09-Dec-20 15:58:45

Well, shall I put something in the box for GDs teacher who went back to school after a Covid Test ?
GD had just gone back to school after isolating for 2 weeks as a family member had Covid, on her first day back to school she had a one to one with the teacher, ( because of the work she missed) an hour after the one to one, the teacher got a positive result. GD then had to go back home and isolate yet again, along with all the other pupils and teachers that she had sat with during the morning. She was in tears due to all the work she had missed, plus not seeing her friends.
No, we probably won’t be handing over £10.00.
Up to now the teacher hasn’t been disciplined and the Head Teacher has no intention of saying anything to her.

grandMattie Wed 09-Dec-20 15:59:04

That's outrageous. We always used to give the teachers something the children had made, or a small gift.
£10!!! I'm speechless too.

EllanVannin Wed 09-Dec-20 15:59:07

grin----try again.

MissAdventure Wed 09-Dec-20 16:00:51

I think there is someone on here whose expected "donation" is more than that.
I think it's disgraceful, but as long as some people go along with it (and they will) it will carry on.

Lucca Wed 09-Dec-20 16:05:08

Where is this and exactly which school is it Tigerdove?

Callistemon Wed 09-Dec-20 16:05:26

Are you a new poster, Tigerdove?

Welcome to Gransnet.

Lucca Wed 09-Dec-20 16:06:16

Misadventure? Not sure i understand your post

MissAdventure Wed 09-Dec-20 16:07:39

Why on earth would someone want to name the school on here, knowing that it could end up on Twitter, Facebook or the press!?

MissAdventure Wed 09-Dec-20 16:09:30

Someone on here has mentioned before about their grandchilds school setting an amount (might have been £15?)

Lucca Wed 09-Dec-20 16:11:50


Why on earth would someone want to name the school on here, knowing that it could end up on Twitter, Facebook or the press!?

I can’t see that it matters if it’s public knowledge.. it’s not the OP child it’s friend of friend, that’s why I asked.

NotAGran55 Wed 09-Dec-20 16:12:01

Are you sure it’s not £1 ? Even that would be outrageous to ask for any money in my opinion .

paddyanne Wed 09-Dec-20 16:17:59

The presents for teachers got out of hand here a few years ago so I make small christmas cakes with them and they decorate them for their teacher .Cost around £5 each and the girls get a lot of fun doing it.No cakes this year though because of the pandemicso my daughter is making small gifts with them out of wood and tartan

Marydoll Wed 09-Dec-20 16:18:42

That's the problem, it's coming from a friend of a friend. It's not first hand information, we don't have all the information and it really doesn't matter what the school is called.

No school I have worked in would ever send out a letter like that.
I did read once of a PTA which sent a letter like that to parents.
No matter who sent the letter, the whole idea is totally unacceptable.

Lucca Wed 09-Dec-20 16:19:50

Thanks Marydoll, that’s what I meant !

Lucca Wed 09-Dec-20 16:20:34

I just don’t believe it tbh. Not without more information