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Good Morning Friday (Christmas Day )

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12Michael Fri 25-Dec-20 06:10:40

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, but its dry here in Brackley this morning.
Up early as usual ,nothing much to say only Merry Christmas, to everyone .
I only hope the forthcoming weeks things improve in the UK , as to all the restrictions we face in different parts of the country.
Take Care ,

grandMattie Fri 25-Dec-20 06:14:47

Been waiting for you to start Mick, been awake since 0330 sad

Good morning and a very Merry Christmas from dark and very windy E Kent.

“Merry” Christmas always reminds me of when DD was just 2, we went to church on Christmas day and were greeted by "Merry Christmas" from the parishioners. She looked puzzled and asked why they said that. I replied that there were several ways of wishing people a happy Christmas. She thought for a bit then said, “And Joseph Christmas?” She had obviously thought it was “Mary” Christmas! grin

Making bread for DH’s breakfast and lunch, then reading until he gets up. Nothing much on today – watch DD’s Midnight mass, then a walk, light lunch, cooking and eating turkey, Zoom with my three offspring after lunch…

Hope you have a very good day with/out the family. Stay safe. X

Ashcombe Fri 25-Dec-20 06:23:40

Merry Christmas to one and all from an unusually cold but calm Torbay.

That made me chuckle, grandMattie: “Joseph Christmas“! You have been awake a long time, but not with excitement, I imagine!

I’m the accompanist for our morning service then a few Zoom sessions booked with DH in France and family in various parts of this country and beyond.

I'd like to share this blessing from our Vicar:-

“May the humility of the shepherds, the perseverance of the wise men, the joy of the angels and the peace of the Christ child be God's gifts to you this Christmastide and always.”

Sark Fri 25-Dec-20 06:24:35

Happy Christmas everyonetchsmile

grandMattie Fri 25-Dec-20 06:29:47

Ash, I sleep very badly, but last night worse than usual... and I do love that blessing. Always makes me cry, when I think properly about it! Happy Christmas one and all. X

Sparkling Fri 25-Dec-20 06:32:00

Merry Christmas everyone. The blessing from the vicar is so lovely.

Beechnut Fri 25-Dec-20 06:33:44

Good Morning and Merry Christmas from Severnside. It’s old and frosty.

I’ve just wished Siri a Merry Christmas and he replied with “Let your chestnuts be roasty and your mittens toasty”.

Enjoy your day all 🎄

farview Fri 25-Dec-20 06:34:31

🎅🎄🎅Happy Christmas everyone, a strange one...but weve battled on..and will continue to do so..enjoy this day 🎅🎄🎅

harrigran Fri 25-Dec-20 06:39:19

Good morning from a very cold, frosty NE. It snowed on and off all day yesterday.
Wishing everyone the best possible Christmas.
Yesterday we were cooking lunch when the glass casserole dish broke apart in the oven, what a mess. Never had that happen before.
Youngest GD sent video clip of her playing carols last night, that was a nice end to the day.
Skype calls today to three diiferent countries, trying not to clash with their meal times.

BlueSapphire Fri 25-Dec-20 06:39:24

Good morning and a Happy Christmas to everyone from DD's in East Northants. Like Mattie I've been waiting ages! It's a dark and foggy morning here, and feels decidedly chilly. No-one else is stirring, so I am still tucked up in bed listening to carols on the radio. Thinking of the poor people locally who were flooded out yesterday and had to be evacuated to leisure centres and other places; not a very happy Christmas for them.

It was good to see DS and family yesterday morning when they delivered the presents, albeit from a distance. They looked in need of warming up after their dogwalk around the local country park! Hopefully next year we can all be together. So longing to hug the DGDs.

I believe smoked salmon and fizz is on the menu for breakfast, but I am ready for a cup of tea - but don't want to wake the house up by going down and disturbing the dogs. Then present opening, a bit of festive cheer, chill out after Christmas dinner. A WhatsApp get together with DS and family.

Merry Christmas to all tchsmilewinetchsmilesmilewine

Nortsat Fri 25-Dec-20 06:40:05

Good morning Mick and the GM team, Merry Christmas from east London - from me, my partner and the three cats.

Wishing us all a happy and peaceful day with our loved ones and lots of laughter, fun and deliciousness.

Jaxjacky Fri 25-Dec-20 06:50:45

Good morning all and a Merry Christmas from a dark, cold S Hants, I slept erratically, ghosts of Christmas past maybe. DH still soundo.
Have the bestest day you can all x

FannyCornforth Fri 25-Dec-20 06:51:53

Merry Christmas Everyone
Ashcombe thank you for that, it's beautiful, I will try to keep it in mind all of today.
Don't expect too much of the day today, and don't expect too much of yourself either. Take things easy and be kind to yourself.
Wishing everyone a peaceful Christmas day. xx

Dwmxwg Fri 25-Dec-20 07:01:54

Happy Christmas to all GMs
We had a very raucous family Zoom yesterday evening, I left the youngsters to it 3 hours in!
Hoping everyone enjoys their day

Scentia Fri 25-Dec-20 07:06:05

Merry Christmas from East Staffordshire.
I am up and DH is up too, we have opened our present and we are sat watching the fire on the TV listening to Christmas songs.
I have the nicest pair of slippers in the world and a ‘Save the Chubby Unicorn’ t shirt.
Off to DD in a few hours for our breakfast and to see DGS open some gifts.
Have a lovely day folks ❤️❤️

Viridian Fri 25-Dec-20 07:07:23

Merry Christmas from a cold, clear south Cornwall. Am snuggled on my son's cosy sofa under a duvet. He always offers me his bed when I stay but I love the sofa! Left a stocking outside his bedroom door last night and I see Santa has left one for me too. We'll relax, eat and drink today and take a walk later, as far as my crutches will allow ha ha.

The best of days to you all, whatever Christmas means to you. For me it's a celebration of the most important birth ever. Hugs.

Greyduster Fri 25-Dec-20 07:08:55

Good morning, Michael and all GNs and a Merry Christmas to you all from a veeery cold South Yorkshire! Frost on the ground. Eating a socially distanced lunch with DD and her menfolk. We’ll be sitting so far apart we’ll probably need megaphones to talk to each other. This time last year we were all having a walk along a Cornish beach and looking forward to lunch in a lovely old pub! Whatever you are doing, have a lovely peaceful day.

Susan56 Fri 25-Dec-20 07:16:34

Merry Christmas from Shropshire🎅🏼🎄

We watched and really enjoyed your DD’s midnight mass mattie.Thank you so much,we are looking forward to watching more of their services.

Thank you for that blessing Ashcombe.

Have a lovely day everyone🥂🍾

baubles Fri 25-Dec-20 07:17:10

Good morning Mick, morning all from a cold and frosty S Lanarkshire.

I’m just about to get up ready for DD’s little ones’ FaceTime call when we’ll open our gifts from them. We will then drive to DS to exchange gifts and have a walk in the park.

Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas Day however you are spending it.

Pantglas2 Fri 25-Dec-20 07:18:42

Nadolig Llawen! Thought I’d wish you all a Welsh merry Christmas this dry morning from lovely north Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

That glass casserole shattering happened to me many tears ago Harrigran and I couldn’t believe how much mess I had to clear up - seemed like ten had gone!

We’re copying you this morning BlueSapphire! 🥂and smoked salmon for breakfast whilst we open our presents and trotting to DD for a sumptuous feast which SIL is prepping- roast goose I believe!

I hope everyone has a good day today - whatever you wish for yourself, I want it for you too 💐

Grandma70s Fri 25-Dec-20 07:23:22

So far I feel miserable, after very bad sleep. I expect I’ll cheer up during the day. I usually do.

Beauregard Fri 25-Dec-20 07:25:59

Good morning all and Merry Christmas.

I'm about to go and give the girls their breakfast and see if Santa has left them some carrots. Then the quietest and easiest Christmas day ever not that I would choose it that way.

Special thoughts to all those who face the day with sadness, illness and worry, and who cannot see their loved ones. And cheers to everyone to whom the day brings great joy and happiness.

Have a good day all 🎄🍷🍸🍻☕🍴🍗🍛

Sar53 Fri 25-Dec-20 07:32:56

Good morning and a Very Happy Christmas from a decidedly cold Essex by the sea.
DH still in bed, I'll make a cup of tea soon.
I had a lovely Zoom call with both DD's and granddaughters yesterday, it was lovely for us all to see each other.
Have the best Christmas Day you can, eat, drink and be merry.
Love and Christmas greetings to you all 🎄🎁🎅 xx

Urmstongran Fri 25-Dec-20 07:33:59

Good morning everyone from a dark, dry and fairly mild South Manchester.

Has he been yet? I’m expecting a call from two excited children soon telling me that he has!

7 of us for our Christmas lunch. Picking up my stepfather at 1pm, off to our youngest daughter & son in law’s (who are both good cooks!) and then we will leave around 6pm I think. T3 in Manchester so we can all enjoy this one day together.

Thinking of all who are struggling today for whatever reason. It’s not the easiest day for some.

Wishing everyone here a happy Christmas. xx

benjamina Fri 25-Dec-20 07:38:40

Merry Christmas from a cold dark Bolton, a very different Christmas day than the one last year. (manic with the house full of family and friends) - think I wished then for a bit of peace & quiet but now I want the manic day back !!

Hoping everyone has a relaxing day with some nice treats for all.

Enjoy your Christmas day x