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Coronarage - advice please!

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Mwdebbie Sat 26-Dec-20 07:54:10

Some advice please. I am increasingly experiencing Coronarage towards eg my sister and closest friend, who chose to disregard the guidance about restricting travel and the number of people who gather to celebrate Christmas. They continued with their plans regardless. We all followed the guidance, changed our plans, and spent Christmas Day in our separate households. I am honestly aghast at the selfishness of people I thought were socially responsible. I feel I don’t want to talk to them, exchange greetings etc as it would feel inauthentic not to say anything. Please help me to gain a different perspective! I know we’ve done the right thing, it’s everyone’s personal choice etc but such flagrant flouting of the rules, especially by my sister who is in a position of responsibility in her community and may be putting others at risk by her choices...I’ve worked for the NHS for 30 years and just keep thinking of the mayhem that’s coming down the track in January as a result of people’s self-centred actions. Words of advice please?

Jane10 Sat 26-Dec-20 07:57:46

You work for NHS. Just tell her straight. Try not to be emotional but point out the facts, the numbers and what she should be doing ie following the guidelines. Good luck.

kircubbin2000 Sat 26-Dec-20 08:15:14

Are you sure they have broken rules? My friend in tier 3 heard that morning that Boris was intending to raise the level to 4.She jumped in the car and drove into tier2 to see the family she hadn't seen since April. She felt she had done the right thing.

David0205 Sat 26-Dec-20 08:15:28

“Unto thine own self be true”.

There have been many of us bending the rules this Christmas, we did invite a neighbour to join us who was not technically in our bubble. His friend was coming to stay but got locked down in tier 4, it was a risk we all thought reasonable.

All we can do is reduce the risk to ourselves we cannot control what others do

M0nica Sat 26-Dec-20 10:28:51

What do you do if your bubble is Tier 4 and you are Tier 2? In that case being together is totally legal. What is the difference, in practical COVID transmission risk between that and having a Tier 4 friend in your Tier 2 home for a day, which is, of course, rule breaking?

The contradictions of the rules do lead to people ignoring them on an equivalence basis. Fortunately, we have gone from Tier 2 to Tier 4 so our bubble and us are now stictly legal.

timetogo2016 Sat 26-Dec-20 10:32:37

I agree with Jane10.
I woud also point out that she should have known better.

Redhead56 Sat 26-Dec-20 10:42:23

You have adhered to the rules as many of us have for nearly a year. Some people are only interested in their own views. No matter what and you will not change them it’s not worth getting ill yourself stressing about it.
Keep your distance literally and just look after yourself and worry about your own family. You and yours will have a clear conscience and get though this terrible time unscathed.

Granarchist Mon 28-Dec-20 09:17:39

Just because you can do something does not mean you should. Obviously common sense needs to be used as well

Hetty58 Mon 28-Dec-20 09:28:29

Mwdebbie, I've just had to express my views to a friend. I've told her that I thoroughly disapprove of her selfish, reckless behaviour.

I've lost a lot of faith and trust in her, along with respect for her - and our friendship has been seriously damaged.

So, now she knows exactly what I think. I'll draw a line under it, stay in contact - but I'm so very disappointed!