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Good Evening Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 27-Dec-20 12:48:14

Why do people say "break a leg" before an audition?
It's so that they'll end up in a cast

Don’t know whether I’m Arthur or Martha to-day; both probably! Every day‘s the same now. No they’re not! Yesterday was beautiful, calm, sunny and 32C Good for Test cricket; Today got to about 30C heading for 34, but of course a wet cool change blew in and it was 19C in no time putting a premature end to the cricket.
I guess that still happens in England!?
Message from Fanny suggests “Bella” isn’t nice to know. Oh well, your days are getting longer!

Jane I know next-to-nothing about about Fitbit; in fact I read your comment as it being “noisy”, but can’t you fool it by saying how many Shetland wool jumpers and shawls you are swathed in (swaddling) and let it work out how svelte you are underneath, or doesn’t it work that way?

Megs Had a message from Fatgran on a Good Morning thread today. That brought back memories from our “Buddy Days” Seems like Tassie is copping weather just like Bella, but they’re used to it down there.
Isn’t it nice to have hot meals delivered to the front door.! Only the washing up to do, pour a toast to the cook and then one or two more to all my friends in Gransnet.
Jaxjacky Everyone’s talking about Bella; seems like she’ll pack a punch!
Why not give up on bubble and squeak and go for “Kilted Soldiers” They look delicious on Google; everyone’s talking about them. Or is B&S a national dish in Ireland?
I remember “Faggots” from when we lived in Manchester, but that must simply be a descriptive term for “old” ones, like me these days.! sad
Why not go for the mince pie and the pud.!? It’s called “living it up!”
Kim Your “hotch-potch” wasn’t a good idea it seems. Did you pass the tureen around, because the Night Owls went comatose last night; nothing stirred, not even a mouse. There was no one awake to read what my lunch menu contained; I’d balked at sampling a Letitia creation having read someone’s review of her as being a Cordon Bleugh cook, and settled for Mushrooms and Bacon soup again with added Porcini Mushroom, whatever that is! tchhmm

BlueSapphire I’ll bet you didn’t watch any rugby from the boundary with it pouring with rain and blowing a gale! Give me Soccer any day, which reminds me to check latest results to see if it’s worth watching a replay of Man. City’s game.
What code do you follow, watching I mean.? The first thing I recall of Union rugger was when Jonny Wilkinson scored that field goal for victory. Events like that simply stick in the memory.
Now would you believe I’m shivering; still, in shorts with it being hot earlier on
Both my TKRs seem to cool down much quicker than the rest, being metal, so the Doona beckons yet again
Btw; nothing to report from the Covid front. No news is good news!?
Good Health wine wine wine

Jaxjacky Sun 27-Dec-20 13:21:06

Hi Rufus, well Bella has been and gone, our bbq had a little jig with the chiminea in the garden, but no damage. B&S is just tradition in my family, for DG being Irish, it has potatoes and is fried, nuff said! Think a bit of pud will be soon, with ice cream, it’s ironic have to get that out of the freezer for a while to defrost slightly or it will bend the spoon getting it out. We watched Southampton play and win yesterday, watching Leeds at the mo making a pigs ear of their game, all attack, little defence.
Going to be cold for the foreseeable, possible snow/sleet tomorrow, it is winter I suppose. Now we are in tier 4, more or less a lockdown, it’s very limited action and practically no live social contact. DH finished off the left over kilted soldiers, think there maybe a joke in there somewhere, must be chilly in Scotland wearing a kilt this time of year.
Anyhow, beef stew simmering away in the slow cooker with a leftover drop of red and some root veg, the wine is from the summer when we last had friends over for a bbq.
Take care 🥂

Jane10 Sun 27-Dec-20 16:11:39

Hi Rufus2. I got the Fitbit set up. I was pleased to note that I'd already used 506 calories before I'd even got out of bed. Also I got a star for beating my sleep target. 8hrs and 14 mons but how does it know? I've met my step target for today so slumped in front of TV and ate chocs. This thing is a hypochondriac's dream. I'll end up obsessed by it.
DH is going out for a curry tonight so I'm having a nice salad and some Bucks Fuzz.
Stay cool. If you can!

Jane10 Sun 27-Dec-20 16:13:09

Argh. So many typos. 14 mins. Buck's Fizz. Buck's fuzz is something else altogether!

MawBe Sun 27-Dec-20 19:12:14

The first thing I recall of Union rugger was when Jonny Wilkinson scored that field goal for victory

Wondering what you understand by field goal Rufus ?
Perhaps what the rest of us refer to as a “drop goal” ? One of Johnny’s specialities .