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Noisy neighbours

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Lindylou23 Mon 28-Dec-20 06:21:39

I am so angry I don't know what my next move should be Christmas morning at 12.30 am next door neighbour put his music on and was singing at the top of his voice,we live in semi detached. At 3 pm my oh got dressed went around there asked him to turn his music down, oh said he looked like he was high on drugs and been drinking.he threatened to knock my oh out. OH came back in so we t to bed he then turned his music back up again, so we called the police they came out asked him to turn his music down we could hear him arguing with the police. Police went up went the music again by now it is 5 am by 5.30 it has gone quiet.
This neighbour has knocked the wall between us down to build a extension all through planning approved and we are ok but now no building work has yet started but when it does he needs to come in to our property at a certain time which we agreed to last March. It will be hard for us to put up a fence as we have nothing g to anchor it to. I certainly want to make this difficult for him to gain access, but he can get access granted by going to court.
He knows my OH has cancer and it's the fact he threatened him that I am so angry and that onChristmas day we were so tired
Thank you, rant over and a bit calmer

OceanMama Mon 28-Dec-20 06:24:56

I have a few words about your neighbour, none of them flattering. Sorry you had to go through that.

BlueBelle Mon 28-Dec-20 06:48:25

Neighbours and noise is a dreadful mix and I feel very sorry for you
I presume up to now you have got on ok or you wouldn’t have given permission for him to come onto your land etc
Hopefully this was just a Christmas booze up and he will go back to normal afterwards personally I think it’s a shame your husband went round at 3 am as that may have made matters worse
Hopefully he will have forgotten about it in his hazy state and you can regain your neighbourliness

Lindylou23 Mon 28-Dec-20 06:49:18

Thank you Ocean mama, I have given the edited version of what OH said to him .

Lindylou23 Mon 28-Dec-20 06:55:51

Blue Belle,it's happened on many occasions with his music and we have not said anything, but at 3 am on Christmas morning we had enough, my hubby doesn't need this stress with his illness .

BlueBelle Mon 28-Dec-20 07:31:22

I totally understand * lindylou* it’s awful to have noisy neighbours I remember my mum nearly having a breakdown from an upstairs neighbour, unfortunately the more she complained the more they did to annoy her, even at one point bouncing a ball non stop on the floor above her bedroom when she was trying to sleep it was like water torture
I don’t know the answer it’s unbelievably difficult to solve this sort of problem My mum moved in the end and never looked back but you shouldn’t have to move should you and that’s far from the answer, in mums case she was not in her own home so it was not so bad.nMy cousin has recently done the same again it fitted in with her plans anyway, but it’s awful to even have to consider that.
I hope you can resolve it without any nastiness

gt66 Mon 28-Dec-20 07:45:19

It's outrageous you have to put up with that behaviour. It must have been very frightening for your husband to be threatened, but you must do what you can to nip it in the bud, as it will escalate, because your neighbour will feel he has carte blanche to continue. Act now, to show him you won't be bullied and report it to your local council. There is a page on the website with details.

Best of luck!

Daisymae Mon 28-Dec-20 08:11:02

Keep a log of what's going on. In the meantime try to talk to him when he's not likely to be under the influence, maybe when you have some sort of support? Perhaps you could use the access issue as a bargaining tool? What about other neighbors are they disturbed by this? It would be a good idea to try to difuse the situation if at all possible. Having said that check out the environmental services section of your local authorities website. I am sorry that you are being subjected to this and hope you can get some peace.

Daisymae Mon 28-Dec-20 08:11:52

In the interim noise cancelling headphones do work.