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Lucca Tue 29-Dec-20 15:24:09

I thought of posting this in the bereavement forum but felt it might be presumptuous as I’ve not been bereaved. How amazing can animals be,

FannyCornforth Tue 29-Dec-20 15:25:54

Oh Lucca how beautiful.

GardenerGran Tue 29-Dec-20 15:26:30

Yes I’ve seen that, it’s beautiful. Who knows what they’re thinking,,,

Blossoming Tue 29-Dec-20 15:28:27

That is beautiful, think I’ve got something in my eye...

Lucretzia Tue 29-Dec-20 15:28:52

I love this. It's just beautiful.

kittylester Tue 29-Dec-20 15:33:09

That is beautiful.

sodapop Tue 29-Dec-20 15:46:21

What a lovely picture and story. Really touched my heart. Thank you Lucca

Grannybags Tue 29-Dec-20 15:48:36

Oh that's lovely

Shinamae Tue 29-Dec-20 15:51:06

Heartwarming indeed absolutely fabulous.... very poignant...

Buffybee Tue 29-Dec-20 15:52:02

Absolutely beautiful. Animals have more empathy than we know.

EllanVannin Tue 29-Dec-20 15:56:42

Aww,. bless them. More empathy than some humans.

sharon103 Tue 29-Dec-20 15:56:47

Touched my heart.
Thanks for sharing.

Charleygirl5 Tue 29-Dec-20 16:04:43

That is beautiful- thanks so much.

Callistemon Tue 29-Dec-20 16:34:55

Thank you Lucca, just lovely.

I wondered if she is his Mum
Or is that fanciful?

Jane10 Tue 29-Dec-20 16:36:09


AGAA4 Tue 29-Dec-20 16:45:58

Truly heartwarming.

Marthjolly1 Tue 29-Dec-20 16:54:22

How beautiful.

V3ra Tue 29-Dec-20 17:31:48

Wonderful 🥰

Aldom Tue 29-Dec-20 19:09:03

Just beyond words. Thank you.