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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 30-Dec-20 13:00:37

The sweater my wife gave me for Xmas was picking up static electricity, so I wento the store to change it
They gave me another one, free of charge

Good Evening Everyone! Running late this evening! Been chasing up Thompson the publishers up there in Bonny Scotland over non-arrival of material ordered early November.
Money had gone from my bank account before you could say Robby Burns. Nowadays it’s difficult to determine how much Covid is to blame due to different handling procedures.
Unless my hearing is worse than I thought TV News reckoned 53,000 new cases and so a new record was achieved yesterday. plus over 400 deaths.
That’s terrible and let’s hope your rapid issuance of vaccine by March will bring it under control.
That will be a birthday present with a difference Megs and not one you’ll be taking back. Do any of the statistics indicate chances of developing an allergy? (from the vaccine I mean; We know all about the virus!)
3rd Test going ahead in Sydney inspite of everything, although situations can change at the drop of a hat.

Weather not too bad, could be a bit warmer for sitting around in the garden doing nothing: but can’t complain.

Less than 10 mins. to New Year’s Eve then only one day of 2020 left to endure!
Good Health wine wine wine

Jaxjacky Wed 30-Dec-20 13:21:22

Hi Rufus, feeling a tad more cheerful today today with news of the Oxford vaccine, no known adverse reactions as far as I know, bring it on.
It will be a very quiet NYE, kicking 2020 out of the door and firmly closing it. DH was very happy watching Leeds beat West Brom 5 0 yesterday, my team, Southampton in a 0 0 draw, having sport to watch makes us happy, but a break in play for a few weeks looks likely.
Take care 🥂

Ashcombe Wed 30-Dec-20 14:41:57

My understanding of overseas mail from the UK is that none is leaving our shores currently because of the high nos. of Covid-19 cases, especially with the new variant. I’m sorry you might have a long wait for your parcel, Rufus2.