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Rufus2 Fri 08-Jan-21 12:22:31

Love it or loathe it, haggis isn't likely to become a stateside staple anytime soon, as the authentic version has been banned from import in the U.S. since 1971. This is because the U.S. Department of Agriculture decreed that livestock lungs cannot be used as food for humans because they can contain stomach fluid, which is a serious foodborne illness risk. (You can buy haggis in the U.S., albeit one made without the all-important sheep's lungs.)

Isn’t it interesting what you can stumble against whilst searching the Internet for something else!? tchgrin

I’ve just got off the phone talking to a young lass in Dundee, chasing up an order I placed last November with DC Thompson Obviously postal services at either end are taking a hit with Covid, but it’s worth keeping an eye on progress.
Her Scotch accent was beautiful and well articulated such that I understood every word, unlike with some of the phone calls of late.
Btw: she said the weather in Dundee was freezing, as you might expect, but no snow!

I’m currently dealing with an IT matter concerning SIM cards which makes Scotch a doddle!
The football scene is excellent just now; just watched a recording of City run rings around Chelsea and next on the programme is the Manchester Derby; well done City!

Queensland has gone in hard over a few cases of “the UK variant” of Covid 19 and would you believe the natives of Brisbane have spent the day panic buying again.
No wonder they’re known as “banana benders”!
They were queueing up as soon as the State Premier announced a 3 day lockdown. TV pictures of supermarket trolleys laden with toilet rolls! There must be a psychiatric reason for that,! tchconfused

Flight air crews and cabin staff are being closely monitored as part of the national crackdown on the UK strain as we try to maintain our very good record.

Another crisis in the sporting world due to Covid; the Formula 1 race in Melbourne, normally the first of the season has been postponed to November.
Not sure where we are at re: the Aus. Open Tennis. Doesn’t appeal so I havent been paying attention.

Cricket 3rd Test at the Sydney cricket ground is under way with Smithy scoring another ton against India so things aren’t that bad!

Just had late dinner, tuna mornay and rice so feeling quite comfortable right now. and drowzy! tchsmile

Good Health wine wine wine

Megs36 Fri 08-Jan-21 13:47:10

Hello Rufus Good news here (personally that is) just got text for both of us to have vaccinations next week, I never thought I’d be so pleased at the thought of having a needle stuck in my arm😁 . Are they rolling out vacs for you yet.
The situation here is really bad so far we are still doing our ostrich impersonation when the news is on.
Keep safe

Jaxjacky Fri 08-Jan-21 14:02:28

Hi Rufus, we love haggis, faggots too, a similar concoction. Villa will be putting out a very young team against Liverpool tonight, Villa have a covid out break, Saints v Ipswich is off, Ipswich have the same problem. I fear the days of football continuing may be numbered, 100 cases across the EFL reported today. I’ve never really understood the toilet roll panic, it didn’t happen here at the beginning of this lockdown fortunately. Still chilly here, a number of places have snow, supposed to warm up a bit next week.
Take care 🥂

Jane10 Fri 08-Jan-21 14:59:22

Hi Rufus2 in January weather there's nothing I feel like more than a big plate of haggis, neeps and tatties. Yum. Unfortunately, my new diet wouldn't allow for that. I'm being very good. It's not too bad actually. I'm quite enjoying the new things I've been eating. I'm pacing about like a being possessed in order to meet my steps target set on my scary Fitbit. It's usually OK as I go for a good walk each day but it's so icy outside that it's just not worth the risk. Besides, next months Oldie has arrived and I got lost in it for hours.
What were you wanting from DC Thomson? They're a lovely company. I write for the People's Friend and was invited to the DC Thomson HQ when it was the 150th anniversary of the PF. The actual Mr Thomson was there!
The Australian govt is right to worry about this new variant. It's led to a massive rise in cases. Frightening really.
Anyway, back to the TV. So many programmes, so little time.