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Good Evening Sat'Day

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Rufus2 Sat 09-Jan-21 12:33:13

Evening All!
Jane; Thank you for your kind offer “to get me what I wanted” from DC Thomson, but it’s a bit late, I’ve already paid up, that’s why I phoned them to find out what was happening!.
I subscribe to their “Evergreen” and “This England” quarterly mags, both with lovely articles and superb photos. The pre-Christmas issues carry suggestions for presents and I ordered the 2021 Annual and 2 Calendars “Those were the days” and Country calendar.
plus another of the former calendar for an ex-neighbour in Windsor.
So if you can use your authority as a Writer to speed things up, I’d be grateful! tchsmile

I was intrigued by your reference to being a Writer {current?) for the “People’s Friend”, so naturally I had to Google it; quite posh as might be expected; what’s your pseudonym and special subject(s)?
Never having heard of it I now find my PC desktop smothered in ads. for PF.!

Megs That is good news; will you get the follow-up in 3 weeks?
Ours is due to roll-out in March, I believe, but seeing as how we have nothing like your problems It will be a softly softly approach.

The needle in the arm is not a problem if I don’t look; My Warfarin programme required a blood sample from the arm every fortnight (not quite as much as an armful that put the wind up Tony Hancock!). The only problem arising was if you’d got so-called “slippery veins” after which you came out looking like you’d visited a tattoo parlour
Forget about sand for your ostrich performance; wait for the snows and cool off at the same time. something we can’t do unfortunately; like for today for example; 35C
No! I’m kidding! Nothing like a cold beer and a shady nook. Love it!

Jaxjacky Faggots!? Do you live “Oop North? They were a war-time delicacy! Although as kids we were grateful for small mercies.
City with another win over the old enemy, but how did Brentford get into the other semi-final? Last time I recall they were in Div.4. (with an adjacent gasworks!?)

The toilet-roll panic suddenly disappeared, so presumably with Brisbane streets being deserted according to this evening’s TV News I assume everyone obtained sufficient paper to deal with the evacuation caused by the impending lockdown. tchgrin

Lack of interest in life and loss of motivation are extremely ^common among people in aged care homes," saidSaredaki
Apathy contributes to a poorer quality of life and is associated with a three-fold risk of earlier death compared to those without apathy

That’s from an on-line Senior’s newsletter! No comment!

Question! The thread “We need to laugh.......” appears to have died a sudden death! Why? sad

37C tomorrow! tchsmile

Good Health and keep smiling! wine wine wine

Jaxjacky Sat 09-Jan-21 18:35:28

Hi Rufus, not from ‘oop North’, although I spent a couple of years in Scotland in Perth from the age 3-5, not far from DC Thomson HQ. We eat most things, I was born in Pakistan, my Dad worked there on radar for the Pakistani Air Force, I wish I’d asked him more. Anyway, we came back to the UK when I was a year old, but it meant, as Mum and Dad had the taste, we went to Indian restaurants from a young age.
Brentford playing as I speak against Middlesbrough, 0-0 at the moment, the FA cup can be quite a leveller. Still chilly today and a frost due overnight, rain next week, 37 degrees is very warm!
Take care 🥂