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vampirequeen Sun 10-Jan-21 15:21:05

MiniMoon Sun 10-Jan-21 15:42:36

I love Yorkshire and look upon Harrogate as my second home. We visit a couple of times a year (but not last year, unfortunately).
Knaresborough, Ripon, Pateley Bridge. Masham and Thorpe Perrow Arboretum, all beautiful.

I'm getting all nostalgic now.

12Michael Sun 10-Jan-21 17:10:57

I did Harrogate last year , spending the weekend Saturday to a Monday in the Cairn Hotel , I travelled by bus and train , with railcard discount and for hotel .
Back in the 80`s Harrogate , I went up to watch cycling events then.
Last year on the Sunday took in both Ripon and Knaresborough , I have normally gone on a organised coach trip break saying Warners Nidd Hall which has a nice setting ,and grounds .
Second home to me ,as the locals once they get to know you , greet you .

trisher Sun 10-Jan-21 17:21:33

Eeh bah gum yons a reet good song. A proper bobby dazzler.

Lucca Sun 10-Jan-21 17:23:38

Yup ! My neck of the woods....

oodles Sun 10-Jan-21 17:30:37

aw, yes, wish they'd left Geoff Boycott out though, with his reputation as an abuser, could have put Fred Trueman in instead

Georgesgran Sun 10-Jan-21 17:31:25

My parents lived in Harrogate - Cornwall Road - before I was born. On a trip back to Durham to drop off Christmas gifts, my Mum was deemed not well enough to return, hence I was born here. The first day after I passed my driving test was to take my Mum back to Harrogate - she had RA and I couldn’t believe how happy she was to return. As soon as DD’s were old enough we were there at least once a month - still are (pre-Covid). Yes, after the magnificent Durham, Harrogate is my favourite place.

YorkLady Sun 10-Jan-21 17:49:21

Whitby! Just stunningly beautiful. Try it! 😁

Nannatwiglet Sun 10-Jan-21 18:25:41

That were reet good!

And that’s from a southerner who’s lived here for 50+ years!

Urmstongran Sun 10-Jan-21 18:28:23

I’m not Yorkshire, but I love it - daughter & partner have lived there for 8 years.
I ❤️ Staithes such a quaint, cobbled fishing village.

Bridie22 Sun 10-Jan-21 18:40:51

Ta lass, from a proper Yorkshire lass, that was right gradely 🤭

EllanVannin Sun 10-Jan-21 18:47:01

Cousin used to farm on the Haworth's land when he lived in Yorkshire. Happy holidays in Riddlesden where my relatives lived and days out to Grange-over-Sands and Whitby. Yes, I loved Yorkshire.

AGAA4 Sun 10-Jan-21 19:30:23

My son lives in Harrogate. Love Yorkshire

Urmstongran Sun 10-Jan-21 20:11:37

We have friends who live in Horsforth. They are late 70’s, Yorkshire born & bred. Pre-Covid, when we used to go out over their way for a meal I used to giggle when the bill came and Mr Yorkshire would pick it up, look at it and say “ ‘ow much? “

Smileless2012 Sun 10-Jan-21 20:17:04

Mr. S. is a born and bred Yorkshire man and I moved here when I was 16. He'll say "ow much?" just to wind me upgrin.

grannysyb Sun 10-Jan-21 20:25:48

Not born there, but grew up in Hull and Thirsk. Lived in York when my children were small and then moved back there for a year in the early nineties. My niece, her family and my brother are moving to a village outside Barnsley soon.

Grannybags Sun 10-Jan-21 21:03:52

As I said on another thread my parents and four siblings were all born in Yorkshire but they moved South before I was born.

Never forgave them for making me a Southerner!

What I wouldn't give for a Curd Tart from Betty's right now...

Hellogirl1 Sun 10-Jan-21 23:02:57

Born in Yorkshire, but not lived there for many a year.
Urmston, I agree, Staithes is lovely, but not so lovely is the trudge and stagger, back up to the top of the hill!

mumofmadboys Sun 10-Jan-21 23:23:52

Another fan of Staithes!