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Let's talk about Nurses!

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Riverwalk Mon 11-Jan-21 15:51:52

I'm sorry but one of us had to respond to Fanny's inspiring thread for teachers! There are a lot of nurses on GN.

I've spent about 22 years of my working life as a nurse, interspersed with various clerical/admin jobs.

I'm still currently practising - not frontline and just a few hours a month. I was away from nursing for about 18 years and returned to practice about 15 years' ago.

As a rule, we didn't have a staff room with cake, but plenty of chocolates in Sister's Office! smile

NotSpaghetti Mon 11-Jan-21 15:53:42

Thank you nurses for your care and sterling work.
A good nurse is worth their weight in gold.

AGAA4 Mon 11-Jan-21 15:58:52

My daughter is a nurse and they all deserve our praise especially now.

Callistemon Mon 11-Jan-21 16:06:33

Three of my DN are nurses.
Hurray for nurses!

AGAA4 Mon 11-Jan-21 16:11:01

Thanks for starting this thread Riverwalk. It's time we gave our thanks to nurses. What would we do without them?

PamelaJ1 Mon 11-Jan-21 16:13:04

I was listening to woman’s hour this morning and a nurse was being interviewed. She was saying that she and other nurses weren’t feeling as valued as earlier in the epidemic.
What could be done to show our appreciation of them.
I mean something to make their lives easier not just a clap.

Lucca Mon 11-Jan-21 16:14:01

Great minds! I thought it would be interesting to see how many nurses as I’ve noticed quite a few at times.

Lucca Mon 11-Jan-21 16:16:14

A good friend is a nurse and I’ve never met anyone who worked harder including seemingly constant studying to update qualifications etc
Over the years we’ve found a lot in common with our frustration with “management” !!

AGAA4 Mon 11-Jan-21 16:19:44

My nurse daughter has just been vaccinated. That is one way to help them.

eazybee Mon 11-Jan-21 16:22:09

The nurses I know all seemed to love their job, despite the awful hours and being treated like dirt by (some) of the doctors. Haven't seen any recently.

DiscoDancer1975 Mon 11-Jan-21 16:23:18

Grief, that was quick! I just suggested this over on the teachers thread😜. I trained and worked as a nurse for four years, before having my children. I’ve never returned to it, being a SAHM, but the training was invaluable for life. Hardly ever went to the doctors. Now I help with grandchildren 🥰

silverlining48 Mon 11-Jan-21 16:31:08

My nhs dd has been vaccinated too, she and all the rest of the staff should be .... given a raise. They had a small one recently, but the previous 10 years went without a pay rise.
They don’t want clapping but they do want us to keep to the rules because they are exhausted, working on the frontline risking their and their families lives. I heard the nurse on woman’s hour and a doctor too, and it made me ashamed that I have been feeling a bit fed up recently when others are at their wits end.
Thank you nurses and everyone else working so hard for us all.

Rosie51 Mon 11-Jan-21 16:31:48


I was listening to woman’s hour this morning and a nurse was being interviewed. She was saying that she and other nurses weren’t feeling as valued as earlier in the epidemic.
What could be done to show our appreciation of them.
I mean something to make their lives easier not just a clap.

Well for a start stop making them pay £120 per year to keep their registration up. No wonder my dual registered nurse/midwife niece let her nursing registration lapse a year or two ago. If they have to be charged, a token £10 per year to cover both disciplines would be more acceptable.

AGAA4 Mon 11-Jan-21 16:33:59

Nurses shouldn't allow themselves to be treated like dirt by doctors. They are a different profession not the hand maidens of doctors. The nurses I know wouldn't stand for that kind of abuse.

GagaJo Mon 11-Jan-21 16:34:11

I would like a website where it is possible to offer / fund food deliveries. It would be great to go on and able to order (for example) pizza for the staff of a ward at a local hospital.

I think lots of us would like to do something that would make an appreciable difference for hospital staff at this time.

Jaxjacky Mon 11-Jan-21 16:41:44

We have local groups collecting treats for all staff at our hospitals, from cleaners to consultants.

Aldom Mon 11-Jan-21 16:42:22

My daughter is a nurse and, thankfully, had her Covid vaccination last week. I have a niece in London, now recovering from severe Covid19. Eight nurses in her team have been ill with Covid.

silverlining48 Mon 11-Jan-21 16:44:24

I think you are right gagajo. The nurse mentioned that was what happened before on the radio today. She also said that staff are paying for hotels near their hospitals because they coukdnt easily get back home after the long shifts plus the risk of passing something onto their families. They do seem demoralised, but we can understand why.

PamelaJ1 Mon 11-Jan-21 16:44:41

Rosie51 well I would if I could but, unfortunately I can’t.

I was thinking more along the sort of thing Gagajo has suggested. We were pointed to a just giving site by a poster when the lorry drivers were stuck in Dover.
Is there a similar site for nurses and other medics.

B9exchange Mon 11-Jan-21 16:49:38

An ex nurse here, though I never took my finals due to leaving to get married and then being jilted. Spent virtually all of my working life in the NHS though.

I think GagaJo's idea is lovely, I am sure it would go down well. Although pizzas, chocolates, cakes and biscuits are not the healthiest items, they are more likely to cheer you up than a delivery of fresh veg! grin

GagaJo Mon 11-Jan-21 16:56:06

Yes silverlining, OR donating towards the cost of their hotel accomodation. I would be happy to give.

Sheepandcattle Mon 11-Jan-21 16:57:11

My lovely DiL starts her nurse training next week (I think a lot of it will be online to start with at least) I’m incredibly proud of her - I think she’ll make a fabulous, kind and compassionate nurse. I admire and thank anyone in the health service - where would we be without them? They should be held in high esteem and suitably rewarded.

Hetty58 Mon 11-Jan-21 16:58:43

Gagajo, rather than pizza, clapping or any other gestures, I'll be voting and campaigning for better long term pay and working conditions - for all NHS staff.

Remember this?

Chestnut Mon 11-Jan-21 17:03:01

They should have free hot meals provided on site so they can go home with full tummies and not empty and starving.

Cabbie21 Mon 11-Jan-21 17:04:38

Praise indeed to all nurses. I have signed a petition for nurses’ pay to be increased.

Talking of providing treats for NHS staff, does anyone know how Captain Tom’s fund has been used? At the start, I heard about providing treats when they ended their shifts and some small comforts in their staff rooms, but it has all gone very quiet.