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Scam re Vaccine

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FarNorth Tue 12-Jan-21 02:36:43

Info I was sent recently :

"The latest scam doing the rounds is being sent out via email and text message. It tells you that you’ve been invited to make an appointment for a Covid-19 vaccination, and gives you a link to follow to book your slot. It all looks fairly convincing, and the web page you’re taken to looks just like an official NHS one.

But the scammers then ask you for “proof of address” in the form of your credit or debit card details. And once they’ve got your details, they use them to steal your money. It’s a pretty low blow, and I often wonder how these people sleep at night!

There are also phone scams trying to do something similar. Or slightly different ones where you’re asked to either “press 1 on your keypad” or send a text message to a premium number to confirm that you want the vaccine.

The NHS will never ask you for bank or credit card details as proof of ID and the vaccination is completely free.

There’s actually a standard system for sending out invitations for a Covid-19 vaccination, and it’s the same system that’s used for flu vaccinations. Everyone who’s eligible for the vaccine at the moment will be sent a letter in the post or called by their GP inviting them to make an appointment. If you don’t make an appointment after a certain length of time, you might be sent a reminder text message or email. But it certainly won’t be asking you for payment details!"

FannyCornforth Tue 12-Jan-21 02:43:32

I started a thread about this a few days ago (it went down like a lead balloon - no one responded!)
I've seen the email in question. It does indeed look very plausible, it definitely appears as if it's from the NHS. I can understand why folk would be fooled.

FarNorth Tue 12-Jan-21 02:46:35

I didn't see that thread.
That scam could easily catch some people out, in their eagerness to get vaccinated. angry

Georgesgran Tue 12-Jan-21 03:15:45

I missed that thread too, sorry FC. Isn’t it absolutely despicable what these scammers will do - they have zero morals - praying on the most vulnerable in society?

FannyCornforth Tue 12-Jan-21 03:27:02

No need to apologise George'sgran!
Yes, you do wonder about what the scammers are like. It would be very interesting to find out.
They must be very clever. It's a wicked thing to do.

harrigran Tue 12-Jan-21 11:13:59

We double checked DH's text message and were reassured when it included his full name and the medical practice name. He did not have to reply to the text but email the NHS booking system.