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What's stuck in your head?

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FannyCornforth Sat 16-Jan-21 14:36:10

Hello smile
Currently it's MC Hammer 'You can't touch this' thanks to the meerkats' most recent offering.
Which at least makes sense.

Prior to that it was inexplicably the theme tune from The Sweeney.
Not the main theme tune, but the moody version with the saxophone that you sometimes got over the end credits.

What's currently your internal soundtrack?

vampirequeen Sat 16-Jan-21 14:56:27

I don't often have earworms during the day when I'm occupied but they arrive with a vengeance at bed time. Last night was the chorus of All You Need is Love mixed with me re-running conversations that I'd had 10, 20 , 30, 40 years or more ago.

hollysteers Sat 16-Jan-21 15:02:13

Earworms drive me mad. The cure is to start singing another tune. Doesn’t always work.

Squiffy Sat 16-Jan-21 15:16:12


Earworms drive me mad. The cure is to start singing another tune. Doesn’t always work.

… and then the second tune becomes the earworm! 🤣

Beauregard Sat 16-Jan-21 15:27:34

Adverts just before I go to bed always get in my head. Currently it's the eBay advert tune by Redmond - Come and get your love. It drives me mad...and keeps me awake.

I have a really boring song I always think of to get rid of the earworm - it usually works.

shysal Sat 16-Jan-21 15:29:44

Mine is also 'can't touch this'. It must have come from the advert but I don't even remember watching it!

Namsnanny Sat 16-Jan-21 17:59:42

The death of my Father, and how I failed him at the end.

Sorry not very light hearted.

Grandmabatty Sat 16-Jan-21 18:08:13

Donald,where's your troosers as it's dgs's favourite song at the moment. Alexa is playing it non stop.

hollysteers Sat 16-Jan-21 18:08:15

Oh Namsnanny please don’t beat yourself up for this. We all have things in our life which we would change if possible. We are all only human and make mistakes as we go along.
C.S. Lewis said something to the effect that we must forgive ourselves as God forgives us and we cannot hold ourselves higher than that.
Even if not religious, it’s a good thought.
God bless you (or whatever means something to you)

FannyCornforth Sat 16-Jan-21 18:47:14

hollysteers what a lovely post. Thank you.
Namsnanny thanks

BBbevan Sat 16-Jan-21 20:25:33

I always wake up singing’ Deck the halls with boughs of holly’, I have for years, summer and winter !!!

Mollygo Sat 16-Jan-21 20:30:29

Sorry Namsnanny. We are often haunted by things we wish we’d done differently. How hard for you when it was your father. Hollysteers put it really

vampirequeen Sat 16-Jan-21 20:31:54

That's a lovely thought hollysteers.

Gingster Sat 16-Jan-21 20:34:27

“Bring me food and bring me wine. “🤣

crazyH Sat 16-Jan-21 20:36:03

Dancing in the Sky (lost my brother and another relative last week) , but I should stop thinking of this song...makes me sadder..

SueDonim Sat 16-Jan-21 20:38:09

The only thing stuck in my head rn is a migraine. I might have an ear worm later if it goes away.

Grannybags Sat 16-Jan-21 21:18:06

Today it's been Driving home for Christmas - goodness knows why!

It's nearly always something I don't like which makes it even more annoying

Blossoming Sat 16-Jan-21 21:33:25

Darth Vader’s theme from the Star Wars soundtrack. No idea why 🙂

Chewbacca Sat 16-Jan-21 21:42:15

Puff the Magic Dragon, Lived by the Sea. GS aged 4 has it on a loop. For 10 long hours. Every week. It's just beginning to fade in my brain when bam! He's back again and off it goes for another week. I'm trying to introduce A Mouse Lived In A Windmill......

GagaJo Sat 16-Jan-21 21:48:05

Theme tune to Star Wars. Which is annoying because I can't stand Star Wars and have never watched it all the way through.

But a student was humming it in the dining room and now it is stuck in MY ear. Bl**dy kids.

Bathsheba Sat 16-Jan-21 22:07:13

Same as you tonight FannyC - but this is after my son sent me the 'Can't teach this' parody posted by Liverpool 'comedimum', Sophie McCartney, which is hilarious! (don't know the meerkats one 🤔)

Greyduster Sat 16-Jan-21 22:10:28

Nymphs and Shepherds!! confused

lemongrove Sat 16-Jan-21 22:47:27


I always wake up singing’ Deck the halls with boughs of holly’, I have for years, summer and winter !!!

You might want to get some therapy BB 😄
Obviously this song has some deep meaning for you ( or not).
I am all agog as to why you do it.

Those blasted meerkats....I agree about the ‘can’t touch this’ it’s been my earworm for days.

Callistemon Sat 16-Jan-21 22:56:18

Namsnanny I hope you have someone you can talk to about this, it's not good to carry guilt about something you can't change.

Callistemon Sat 16-Jan-21 22:57:46

'All you need is Radio Gaga'🎶🎶

It must be being used as an advert for something but goodness knows what.