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Cornwall visitors World leaders to meet

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infoman Mon 18-Jan-21 02:45:30

Just a heads up to any one who was considering visiting St Ives and the Hayle area of Cornwall in the week end running up to the 11 june/12 june/13 june(fri/sat/sun) 2021
The World leaders of the group of 7 will be staying at the Carbis Bay area.

welbeck Mon 18-Jan-21 03:11:57

i wonder if they will.
sounds a bit early to me.
also some experts are doubtful, see 17 jan comment,

Alegrias1 Mon 18-Jan-21 07:45:54

I'd be more inclined to trust Dr Pankhania about this if he hadn't posted that June is only 12 weeks away confused

Esspee Mon 18-Jan-21 07:51:45

Alegrias1 😁😁😁

lemsip Mon 18-Jan-21 08:02:26

yes, this was on the Bbc news, as to anyone else looking to go there, you certainly won't be allowed in the Carbis bay area.. which is a small part of
St Ives and Hayle are large

Esspee Mon 18-Jan-21 08:14:07

I don’t for a moment think this will go ahead, nor should it.

These meetings which involve travel should become a thing of the past for both environmental and pandemic reasons.

We now have the technology to make travel redundant.

Sparklefizz Mon 18-Jan-21 08:27:14

I don't think this should go ahead, and hopefully it won't. It's too soon, and as Esspee says, we have the technology to make travel redundant, especially at the moment.

Frankly I don't think anyone should be booking holidays abroad, much as we want to. I've got a friend who thinks that as soon as she's had the jab, she will be immortal and booking flights.

I love Dr Pankhania. He is on our local news every week and I have followed his advice. He says regard everyone and everything as infected, and treat accordingly, so I am still quaranting/disinfecting anything that comes into the house.

Ellianne Mon 18-Jan-21 08:53:26

I think I discussed this at the weekend with a GNetter on a thread about Guernsey.
Covid aside, this is a brilliant opportunity to show off Cornwall to the world. The area wants to promote itself in terms of natural resources and beauty. It will provide a real boost.

EllanVannin Mon 18-Jan-21 10:36:20

Friend and I once stayed at the Carbis Bay Hotel when on holiday there. It was lovely and one of the best holidays in this country.

Nonogran Mon 18-Jan-21 10:52:24

Cornwall was jammed full between lockdowns summer 2020. I've nothing to say about folks needing a holiday but it's not much fun when it's like that.
I hope Welsh tourist board will do a good job. Fabulous scenery, beaches and s p a c e in Wales!

12Michael Mon 18-Jan-21 11:02:22

I see on Rick Steins Cornwall tonight on BBC2 at 1830 (630pm) show 11of 15 , features St Ives and the Tate tonight .
The series is interesting , with locations and well known personality's who reside in Cornwall plus his own cooking of course.
Series finishes on Friday evening , but also ar weekends shows earlier episodes after Saturday Bites on 1 Saturday and 2 on Sunday mornings.

Alegrias1 Mon 18-Jan-21 11:04:32

I've never been to Cornwall but I would love to go. One for the bucket list after this is all over....

Ellianne Mon 18-Jan-21 11:09:06

I'm guessing Cornwall was chosen as Rick Stein couldn't go abroad in lockdown, or even all over the UK, to do his usual filming. Great series, not too many foody dishes but more about the produce and the region. I shall be visiting a few of these places. I do miss his little dog in tow.
Is there a book do you know Michael?

Callistemon Mon 18-Jan-21 11:34:27


I'd be more inclined to trust Dr Pankhania about this if he hadn't posted that June is only 12 weeks away confused

Hurray! I'm fed up with winter sunshine

BigBertha1 Mon 18-Jan-21 11:50:14

I was in Scotland a few years ago when a similar summit was taking place - roads were blocked for miles around, detours everywhere.

Callistemon Mon 18-Jan-21 11:54:12

I was in a small city once a few years ago and all the perfectly good pavements/pedestrian free zones were being taken up and replaced. It was because there was going to be a World Summit of some kind.