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Eye tests and glasses

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tinaf1 Mon 18-Jan-21 16:02:22

Am overdue an eye test, so will be looking to get one soon.
I usually go,to, Specsavers but can’t say I was overly impressed last time I went.
The glasses I chose broke within two days which was a bit of a faff.
I have looked at local opticians but they only seem to do really expensive designer glasses , which I don’t want,
Any recommendations, re Boots or somewhere else ?

MiniMoon Mon 18-Jan-21 16:09:57

DH went to Asda for his last eye test and glasses. He was very happy with the service and would recommend them.
I've only ever been to Specsavers and Vision Express, and never had any problems with either.

Jaxjacky Mon 18-Jan-21 16:13:11

Asda all the way, thorough and good prices.

merlotgran Mon 18-Jan-21 16:19:22

DD caught Covid from a visit to Specsavers just over two weeks ago. She is a teacher and had made an appointment after Christmas when she realised she would be remote teaching which means a lot of time in front of a screen.

She went straight there, observed all their precautions (which she thought were adequate) then went straight home.

Five days later she lost her sense of taste and smell and tested positive.

After three days, her DH and both student daughters had symptoms and all tested positive. It's been a worrying time but they are on the mend now. DSiL was the worst with a terrible cough.

DD's quarantine ended today but I doubt her new varifocals will be collected just yet.

Laughterlines Mon 18-Jan-21 16:20:56

I went to Boots and I dared to complain that I couldn’t see a thing in them. After much argument the found that they had put somebody else’s prescription in my frames. Fortunately I am quite vocal. My mild mannered friend would have just paid up.

I wear bifocal and insist on positioning frames myself while they measure up where bifocals will be set. Often where optician’s assistant positions frames is wrong for me.

Sar53 Mon 18-Jan-21 16:21:00

I've never had a problem with Specsavers. I get my glasses and contact lenses from them. DH wasn't impressed with Specsavers or Boots, he goes to a local independent optician. I think it's all a matter of service in individual shops. I think Specsavers are franchises.

Kim19 Mon 18-Jan-21 16:28:58

Thanks for the Asda reminder everyone. Had heard this before and completely forgot when I bought my last specs. Made me think of another thread on poor memories!!

PollyDolly Mon 18-Jan-21 16:42:48

After breaking my spectacles whilst on holiday and having to go to a "High Street" optician I am now very cautious about where I go. I was 'sold' two pairs of specs which were worse than useless, didn't fit correctly as I wasn't measured properly and were a complete waste of money!
It's a local, long established optician for me every year........and I'm also very careful on holiday too!

cornishpatsy Mon 18-Jan-21 17:06:53

I buy my glasses online, only had to return one pair as they didn't suit me. Most sites have a virtual try on part where you input your photo and try on glasses.

Jane10 Mon 18-Jan-21 17:11:08

I had an appalling experience with Boots opticians. Never again. Last time I went to a local independent optician and had excellent service and beautiful new glasses at a very reasonable price.

lemongrove Mon 18-Jan-21 17:12:45

I have tried independent opticians and Specsavers, and the latter was as good ( and much cheaper) in my opinion.
Try a different branch of Specsavers ( that’s what I did) when I didn’t like the service in the first one.

Oldbat1 Mon 18-Jan-21 17:23:05

Boots refused to give me a copy of my prescription! Said it was all on line so I didn’t need it. Next time I went to Spec Savers as I did again in October. Happy with test. Next time I’m going to use an independent optician just to compare results.