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Time and the Virus

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nanna8 Thu 21-Jan-21 08:55:39

All our friends are saying the same thing- we have lost a sense of time and even what day of the week it is during this Covid crisis. All the days seem to run into each other and weekends are no longer distinct from the rest of the week. We have come out of lockdown for now but it has been since last March, more or less. A year lost in many ways. Do others feel this,too ? Where we live the lockdown has been very,very harsh with massive fines for breaking the rules so most people have obeyed and are in the same boat.

Wheniwasyourage Thu 21-Jan-21 08:59:42

Yes, we are the same. The only pegs to hang the week on just now are the day we go for the Sunday papers and the weekly shopping day. Even the walk we used to do regularly on another particular day of the week is out of bounds just now because of ice!

I'll go with those who say they're not counting 2020 on to their age as they haven't used it. smile

nanna8 Thu 21-Jan-21 09:11:10

I like that comment about not counting it ! Very much.

Septimia Thu 21-Jan-21 09:28:46

Life in retirement was like that before lockdown anyway! Now it's even more so.

Grannynannywanny Thu 21-Jan-21 09:45:40

I spent all of last week with my brain a day ahead. Looked for tv programmes on the wrong days, put the bin out a day early etc. Each day I eventually corrected myself but the next day I was at it again.

I wasn’t the only one with muddled days. My bewildered brother phoned and asked me why was the post office closed on a Monday was Sunday!

SuzannahM Thu 21-Jan-21 11:51:40

I've been like that since I retired - it's slightly worse now, I used to know it was the weekend at least because OH was at home, but he's home all the time now!

I don't count it time lost at all. We're planning on moving house in a year or so when my OH retires, and this has been the perfect time for decluttering, getting rid of stuff that has been sitting around for years and slowly redecorating. It's actually quite a relief to know that when we come to sell it's not going to be a mad, mad time trying to get the house in order. Yes I miss seeing people, but hopefully in a few months or so we'll be able to see them again and I'll have more time for them.