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What do you do while waiting for workmen to arrive?

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kathsue Fri 22-Jan-21 12:01:14

I'm waiting in today for an engineer to come to try to find a leak. They're due between 8am and 6pm and said they'd call beforehand.

I got up very early (for me) , got dressed, cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, downstairs loo ........any where they might need to look for leak and vacuumed through.

My poor dog keeps looking at me as if to say "It's time for my walk. You're neglecting me!"

Just had a message from them.......We're still on track to be with you today by 6 pm. Engineer will call when he's on his way. I already KNOW that. They cover a lot of Devon and Cornwall so they must know their order of calls. If they are in say Bodmin they wouldn't be here for an hour. I don't want an exact time just a clue. It's nearly 12 now and I could have taken my dog out twice by now. And it's just started raining.

Sorry for the long rant, I'm just fed up waiting and don't know what to do with myself now.

Franbern Fri 22-Jan-21 12:05:31

The short answer from me is - 'stress'!!!

However, as they have said they will call, cannot you take the dog out for a walk pretty locally, ensuring you have your phone with you.

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 22-Jan-21 12:09:27

Send them a message saying’will be out until 5pm’ then you can take the dog out and relax until they arrive.

I’m the same though, if they need to go through the house I have to clean first , but now you will have to clean everything they have touched when they have gone.

Open all of your windows and doors before they arrive.

Squiffy Fri 22-Jan-21 12:24:56

We had a new cooker delivered yesterday and had originally been given a 4-hour time slot for between 7.06-11.06 (so precise!).

So, in case they arrived earlier, I got up at Ridiculous O'Clock and got myself ready, only to discover they'd texted me while I was in the shower quoting a new time of between 9.30-10.30, so I could have stayed in bed a bit longer!

They then texted again bringing the time forward and they arrived at about 8.30. Full marks to the company for all the updates. It makes such a difference when you have some idea of their arrival time.

Good luck kathsue, I hope you get your waterworks sorted quickly and easily!

Jaxjacky Fri 22-Jan-21 12:53:45

Hope they actually arrive!

kathsue Fri 22-Jan-21 12:58:52

Thought about that Franbern but the last time when I was waiting for electricians I had dog on lead heading for front door when they suddenly appeared without notice.
I've just put lunch in the oven so that might bring them smile

Dorsetcupcake61 Fri 22-Jan-21 13:10:27

Always frustrating, I don't know whether it's just me but it always seems to be towards the end of the time scale rather than at the beginning!
At least when British Gas fixed my boiler they split the day into two so could choose a morning appointment. They were very good at bringing to.
I think the issue they may have is they cant say for certain as may not be sure how long each job take.
Frustrating though. I'm waiting for pharmacy to deliver meds. I'm extremely grateful for service and nowhere else to be,but theres that element of keeping an ear open for door bell etc!

Dorsetcupcake61 Fri 22-Jan-21 13:11:04

Ringing 🙄

M0nica Fri 22-Jan-21 13:30:58

It would never occur to me cleean for workmen coming in, unless there was a very good reason.

CH boilers were serviced on Monday, I moved the laundry basket and scales in the bathroom to give maximum access to the boiler, otherwise did nothing. As for the one in the garage, I did nothing.

I know the service man well, we get the same one every year. The company he works for are a local company with offices a couple of hundred yards away and, after 25 years, we are all on christian name terms.

timetogo2016 Fri 22-Jan-21 13:37:06

Were doing the very same Katsue and i`m getting fed up as it`s lovely and sunny here in Staffordshire.
They didn`t turn up at all last week grrrrrrrr.
Hope they do turn up for you.

Redhead56 Fri 22-Jan-21 14:17:15

Have a canary fit as they never turn up on time or they don’t turn up all! I leave my DH to deal with anyone coming to the house before Covid of course.

kathsue Fri 22-Jan-21 14:17:43

I was right about making lunch....just as the oven beeped the phone rang "I'm outside your house, just ringing to check you're in". I felt like saying Of course I am I've been sitting here waiting for 5 bl**dy hours.

I just can't make any sense of it. If he'd rung before he'd left his last job he might have saved himself a journey or given me some notice.

Anyway, he was a very nice man with a mask on, took his shoes off in the house etc. Spent nearly an hour listening for leak. Decided it is under garage floor so he will be coming back when I've had time to move all the shelving units etc. (Job for DGS I think).

He's just left so it's time for walkies while the sun is out.

DiscoDancer1975 Fri 22-Jan-21 14:34:56

Wonder if I’ve got time to go to the toilet!

midgey Fri 22-Jan-21 14:55:56