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Lockdown is hard for us all, but on a positive note......

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Gelisajams Mon 25-Jan-21 11:39:22

I think we would all agree lockdown has been difficult for everyone in one way or another but do you have any positives from the last months?
Mine include
1.the ability to Zoom (hadn’t heard of it before) our church is having a Zoom Burns night tonight! ( I have no tartan and I don’t like haggis so I won’t be going)
2. I’ve used the time to walk and exercise regularly so I’ve lost a bit of weight and I do feel fitter.
3. I’ve discovered home delivery. My local Sainsbury’s has been spot on. No frustrating substitutions or missing items. (Apart from a substitution of have cherries for mixed peel when I had already got cherries)

Jaxjacky Tue 26-Jan-21 20:10:58

Sorry everyone, I’ve thought and thought..nope, no positives. I miss our family, having grandchildren to stay, my daughter is single and it used to give her a break. We miss our friends, some of whom are single, a quick hug down the pub and a catch up meant a huge difference, all social contact has gone, the phone or FaceTime/zoom doesn’t cut it. Husband and I have spent loads of time together before as we did three summers abroad, mostly not working, we’re harmonious, but there’s a difference between choosing to do do it and being forced. I lost my p/t job at first lockdown as they couldn’t afford me, losing money. I’ve done click and collect or delivery for 2 years as I loathe shopping.
So apologies for being somewhat negative, but not good for me, however pleased for those of you have gained some pluses 💐