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Think positive and count your blessings

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Newatthis Tue 26-Jan-21 11:01:33

We all need to realise that amongst all this doom and gloom to try to think positive. I know it is very difficult for many people and many of you will perhaps find they can't, especially those who have been badly affected my it all (I have been very badly affected) but I have found that if I think of one positive thing (yes just one!) that happens each day, hold on to it, then it helps me get through the day. Maybe the delivery man smiled or maybe you had that Zoom call with your loved one. Store them in a little space in you head and bring them out when you need them. Today mine the the little video clip that I found by accident of my first grandchild taking her first steps. Did something nice happen to you today?

nadateturbe Tue 26-Jan-21 11:19:29

Yes. My NHS consultant actually took time out of his busy day to ring me and explain why I haven't had a particular test yet. Most of the units are being used for intensive care and one is reserved for red flag cases.
That was so nice of him. I will write a thank you this afternoon.

Hetty58 Tue 26-Jan-21 11:24:51

I was brought up to always count my blessings and I really do. My family are all coping (just about) fit and healthy. I'm managing really well, despite a year of virtual solitary confinement.

My eldest daughter phoned this morning. She's juggling kids, work and study (and I'm enjoying a second breakfast - not even dressed yet) so I feel very lucky right now!

Chestnut Tue 26-Jan-21 11:25:28

I think what keeps me sane is to realise that all my friends and relatives are sharing this horrible experience. Knowing that others are going through the pandemic and all have their own challenges helps me. I can phone any of them up at any time and we can have a chat (or a moan). We may not be together but we are in contact and that really helps keep me positive.

Daisymae Tue 26-Jan-21 11:31:20

As I came back from the daily walk I noticed that crocus are pushing their way through a pot by the back gate. Looking forward to seeing them as I've forgotten exactly what I put in! A little reminder that spring is on it's way.

Blossoming Tue 26-Jan-21 11:35:43

It’s the small pleasures for me. My life is always restricted to some degree as I have mobility impairments, but pre-lockdown I could go for coffee and cake or exhibitions at the museum, etc. Now I’m able to attend virtual museum and gallery sessions instead, and my OH has just brought me a lovely cup of coffee in a bone china mug. No cake but that’s probably a good thing!