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Weird Royal rules

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Dylant1234 Fri 29-Jan-21 10:51:39

I’ve read a couple of articles recently where it was claimed that when the royal household is interviewing for cleaners or housekeepers they place a dead fly in a fairly prominent position, such as a mantelpiece, to see the interviewee’s reaction. If they obviously notice the fly that’s good but if they go and pick it up they’ve pretty well got the job!
Am I the only person who would consider such behaviour incredibly rude - much as a visitor to ones home would be if they ran their finger along the mantelpiece looking for dust?!?

Elegran Tue 02-Feb-21 09:23:15

They had eaten one side of it, *Welbeck", down to the skeleton. The uneaten side showed when it was turned over. Must have been a whole fish, not a fillet.

PECS Tue 02-Feb-21 09:37:45

Lots of job interviews stick in that type of "test" as part of an interview process. I have taken prospective ' caretakers' round a building and then asked them to say what they would do / change etc. having been round a site. Obviously some things are set up to give you an indication of how alert a candidate is.

Katie59 Tue 02-Feb-21 09:59:56


Why would anyone want to be at the beck and call of the over privileged is beyond me. And for a pittance too. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Simply because it pays the rent, or feeds the kids, apart from cleaners you have serving staff, kitchen staff, retail staff who are serving often unpleasant unappreciative customers.
Many of us have done it, because we needed to!.

Grany Tue 02-Feb-21 14:17:26

Well they are not really functional are they? They don't work hard they hardly work at all. Everything is done for them, palaces servants. What do they know about having to make ends meet ect

nadateturbe Tue 02-Feb-21 20:17:26

What do they know about having to make ends meet ect


Anniebach Tue 02-Feb-21 20:31:17

There are other problems in life , making ends meet is not the
only one, though some think money solves all life’s problems.

annodomini Tue 02-Feb-21 21:19:43

Do they keep a stock of dead flies in a freezer, or are they able to find one as the occasion demands?

PECS Tue 02-Feb-21 21:24:09

Annie you are right money cannot solve all problems but when you do have difficult situations to deal with: life changing illness, unhappy relationships, etc. etc. at least you do not have the added worry of how to pay the rent, enough money for the meter, losing your job, can you afford to leave a marriage etc etc.

Callistemon Tue 02-Feb-21 21:29:31


Do they keep a stock of dead flies in a freezer, or are they able to find one as the occasion demands?

They can have the collection from my conservatory as flies seem to commit hari kari in there.

As if the Royal Family undertake interviews for new staff!!

Ha ha, good try, it will get the Republicans going anyway.

Callistemon Tue 02-Feb-21 21:31:16


I wouldn’t work for that family however much I was paid. Now they are truly dysfunctional.

It would be a bit difficult as you're in Australia, aren't you, nanna8?

You must be used to flies

Callistemon Tue 02-Feb-21 21:35:22

Define dysfunctional ?

Precisely - and what is functional?
It's just that most families are not in the spotlight of the world's press.

Anniebach Tue 02-Feb-21 21:35:56

Yes PECS but money does not take away pain, and if you don’t want to leave a marriage but wife/husband does money takes that pain away ?

Anniebach Tue 02-Feb-21 21:38:04

Would I find life easier if one of my daughter’s personal lives was reported in the media if I had lots of money - no

nadateturbe Wed 03-Feb-21 04:46:15

Anniebach it doesn't take away pain. No. But you don't have the added worry of no money. One of my children is having a very difficult time and the fact that I can take away the financial worry is very helpful I can assure you.

Katie59 Wed 03-Feb-21 07:42:51

Having money means you can be miserable in comfort.

When you have a separation and you have to leave, no cash means you can’t buy food or find a place to rent, if you have children it’s worse, nothing to do with taking the pain away.

CanadianGran Wed 03-Feb-21 08:17:37

It's kind of like the Princess and the Pea tale. I always thought the if the Princess was rude enough to complain about the uncomfortable sleep she wasn't really well brought up as a well mannered princess.

Eloethan Wed 03-Feb-21 08:43:14

Yes, I agree, and yet this sort of story was read to children and indoctrinated them with the idea that princesses and the like are somehow "special" people with finer feelings than anybody else.

Elegran Wed 03-Feb-21 08:55:15

Not sure I agree, Eloethan It was read with more than a hint of scorn at the "ultrasensitivity" of those who didn't have to put up with even a dried pea under endless featherbeds. Perhaps some households were more conditioned to touch the forelock respectfully to "those and such as those" than my family was.

Sparkling Sat 20-Feb-21 08:10:38

I wouldn't pick up a dead fly with my hands, I would either have rubber gloves or a duster. It would be rude in my opinion, in some ones home anyway. There again the pays not good, so wouldn't apply unless I lived next door and it avoided travel costs.