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How to access medical records

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blondenana Sat 30-Jan-21 12:07:47

My daughter was asked by the receptionist at her surgery if she had access to her medical records online,she didn't know she could, but wasn't told how to
Has anyone here accessed theirs and if so how do you go about it please
Would like to see my own too

Jane43 Sat 30-Jan-21 12:12:37

DH is in the process of trying to do this. As far as I know you first have to download the NHS app and register your details which he has done and he uses it to order his prescriptions. But to access his medical records he has to go to the surgery to get them to authorise it. For obvious reasons he hasn’t been to the surgery but he will when things get back to normal.

dragonfly46 Sat 30-Jan-21 12:15:38

We cannot do this on the Patient Access app but I got mine by asking the GP's receptionist.

BlueSky Sat 30-Jan-21 12:24:59

I didn’t know until recently that you can ask for a copy of your blood tests. Good to know the various results in detail but don’t bother if you suffer from health anxiety, because you’ll be googling them all!

blondenana Sat 30-Jan-21 12:26:04

Thanks all for replies, can't understand why the receptionist didn't just explain
We will do that when it's possible