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Our Daily Cartoon thread. ?

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Urmstongran Sun 31-Jan-21 10:57:14

Following on from another thread, I got to wondering if this might be a popular thing to do - to share a cartoon from any newspaper each day?

It would give us a daily chuckle - no bad thing in these difficult times and all in one place - easy to find.

Here’s my starter.

fourormore Sun 31-Jan-21 11:02:34

Brilliant idea thank you! I send a daily email to my isolated and lonely friends and relations so, I may steal some of these if that's ok winkwinkwink

Beechnut Sun 31-Jan-21 11:20:12

Good idea Urms ?

CraftyGranny Sun 31-Jan-21 11:38:01

Here's another

CraftyGranny Sun 31-Jan-21 11:38:59

and another

Beechnut Sun 31-Jan-21 12:25:01

Mine for today

Jane10 Sun 31-Jan-21 14:26:48

Here's one from Punch

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 31-Jan-21 14:36:09

Here’s one too

Sparklefizz Sun 31-Jan-21 14:41:09

Brilliant!! grin Thanks for sharing

dragonfly46 Sun 31-Jan-21 14:43:58


Urmstongran Sun 31-Jan-21 22:02:12

Loving these! Till tomorrow.
It great to see so many cartoons & all in one place!

Greyduster Sun 31-Jan-21 22:25:11

Here’s one my son sent me.

Ohmother Sun 31-Jan-21 22:29:38

A bit political but...

EllanVannin Sun 31-Jan-21 22:31:18

Brilliant ! I had a coughing fit at yours Ooopsadaisy grin


Shinamae Sun 31-Jan-21 22:34:05

Here’s mine...

Casdon Sun 31-Jan-21 22:41:22

This is me today.

Ro60 Sun 31-Jan-21 22:57:29

??? - thought my gsoh had abandoned me - until I realised tapping the pic brought up the 'whole picture' ???

muse Sun 31-Jan-21 23:29:25

Good idea. Here's my starter

Beechnut Mon 01-Feb-21 07:39:55

Mine for today.

Kim19 Mon 01-Feb-21 07:50:32

This is absolutely terrific, Urm. Feel a little bit guilty in that I've nothing to contribute as I no longer take a newspaper. Love it and quietly content it will flourish.

Urmstongran Mon 01-Feb-21 08:50:07

I ❤️ this thread already! I think it’s going to become very popular - a place to find our daily giggle.

I can’t see a Matt cartoon today in the Telegraph? Hmm.

Let’s keep the cartoons coming everyone and all help to make this the most cheerful thread on GN! x

Urmstongran Mon 01-Feb-21 08:50:55

Greyduster that one is terrific!

Bogmyrtle Mon 01-Feb-21 09:33:14

So true!

Sparklefizz Mon 01-Feb-21 09:53:02

Wish there was a "like" button. Love them all.

Justwidowed Mon 01-Feb-21 10:23:44

Here's mine