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Faulty goods from Currys

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Littleannie Sun 31-Jan-21 19:18:35

On Friday we bought a kettle from Currys using click and collect. The switch is faulty, so today we took it back. After queuing for a long while in the bitter cold, we were told that they are not accepting returns at that store, and we would have to make a round trip of 40 miles to the store that was accepting returns. We could see identical ones on the shelf near the door. We went to the nearby supermarket and bought one as we need one. Now we have to wait goodness knows how long for the shops to reopen so we can return it, while Currys sit on our money. Just a warning if you are thinking of buying anything from them.

timetogo2016 Wed 03-Feb-21 11:13:31

Thanks for the thumbs up Littleannie.
I thought it was illegal for themnot to eccept faulty goods.
It may be a good idea to ask them how long you have to get a refund and ask them to write it on your reciept.

Oldwoman70 Wed 03-Feb-21 11:29:05

Currys are the last company I would ever buy from. Their customer "service" is a joke.

I know someone who bought a fridge freezer, the one they delivered didn't work, she waited a week for them to deliver another - it was the wrong one. She was then told the one she had ordered was sold out.

Contact with the customer service was difficult and very unhelpful - on occasion even rude. It was only because she is a stubborn and determined woman that she was eventually able to get compensation for food which had to be thrown away but it took several months.

Esspee Wed 03-Feb-21 12:25:11

I would not have accepted that OP. Not fit for purpose entitles you to a refund or replacement.

Littleannie Wed 03-Feb-21 13:59:50

There were no sales staff in, just 2 warehouse lads who were putting click and collect items in customers' cars. So nobody to process returns or refunds. The receipt is on my phone. Apparently we have 2 weeks from when they reopen to return it.
The lad thanked us for being nice to him about something that wasn't his fault. He said he had been getting a lot of stick from people. Shame.
Anyway, it could have been worse. It could have been an expensive TV or computer, not just a kettle.
I just wanted to warn people about Curry's policy during lockdown.

SueDonim Wed 03-Feb-21 14:29:15

I bought a slow cooker online from Curry’s in the November Black Friday sale. It was faulty and it was just so, so difficult to return and exchange it. I filled in the online forms and received nothing back in acknowledgment for a couple of weeks.

Then they said it would be collected on a certain day but that came and went and nothing happened. So I tried to return it to the shop, but like you, OP, they wouldn’t accept it. They said they’d sell me another, though! hmm

As dinner time that same evening our doorbell went and it was a man, come to collect the cooker. He gave me a scrappy bit of paper as proof. I heard nothing more until about ten days later, another knock on the door and it was a replacement.

I won’t be buying from Curry’s again, it was not a good experience, even though it worked out in the end.

Lyndylou Wed 03-Feb-21 14:36:24

After the fiasco we had with Curry's before Xmas they will be the last place I go in future. My GS wanted a Fortnite Nintendo, only a set number were made, Curry's took the money, confirmed the order, then sent out a number of confusing emails saying it had been delivered to random places all over the country. My DD spent most of one day on the phone trying to track it down. Then Curry's just returned the money, I think they didn't have the stock in the first place, but of course it was too late then to buy another.