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Shut your eyes and where would you like to be right now ?

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nanna8 Mon 01-Feb-21 12:04:46

Maybe exactly where you are, maybe somewhere else.
I’d like to be in Far North Queensland!

Oldwoman70 Mon 01-Feb-21 12:06:12

South Australia with family - should have gone for Christmas but obviously couldn't sad

Pantglas2 Mon 01-Feb-21 12:07:46

This is cruel Nanna8 😨! I’d give a lot to be in mi Casa in Andalusia right now, COVID notwithstanding!

B9exchange Mon 01-Feb-21 12:09:15

Costa Rica, Borneo, Madagascar, somewhere warm and exotic with a completely different culture to explore, before we get too old to do it!

Vickysponge Mon 01-Feb-21 12:11:19


Maybe exactly where you are, maybe somewhere else.
I’d like to be in Far North Queensland!

Northumberland- Warkworth beach ☀️

Redhead56 Mon 01-Feb-21 12:14:09

Our cottage on Anglesey not a sun worshipper. We have not been there for ages it’s up for sale now. We bought it for retirement but grandchildren changed our plans.

Ashcombe Mon 01-Feb-21 12:16:04

In la Sarthe with my DH who lives near Le Mans. We were last together in early October and, although we Zoom daily, it’s not like being together in the flesh, as it were!!!

DanniRae Mon 01-Feb-21 12:20:37

In Jersey, maybe at the zoo or on a beach in the sunshine!

BigBertha1 Mon 01-Feb-21 12:21:47

Sitting in a wine bar with my daughter having a lovely lunch and a really big laugh.

grandmajet Mon 01-Feb-21 12:29:24

Anywhere I could be with my husband, four children and their families, all together. So, nowhere on this earth at the moment!

BlueSky Mon 01-Feb-21 12:35:21

In Australia with my children and grandchildren! ❤️

tanith Mon 01-Feb-21 12:49:01

In Gibraltar with my son and his lovely family.

kathsue Mon 01-Feb-21 13:25:08

Anywhere where the sun is shining. So sick of this rain and grey skies.

M0nica Mon 01-Feb-21 13:25:37

In our house in Normandy.

Namsnanny Mon 01-Feb-21 13:27:29

On the last holiday I had with my adult children.
It was happiness personified.

Galaxy Mon 01-Feb-21 13:28:05

Italy or France.

Galaxy Mon 01-Feb-21 13:29:11

With no covid or restrictions obviously.

Blossoming Mon 01-Feb-21 13:30:53

Right here 🙂

Katie59 Mon 01-Feb-21 13:39:29

Caribbean or Australia topping up my vitamin D, sunshine does cure a lot of winter ills.

Casdon Mon 01-Feb-21 13:44:41

Mullaloo beach, watching the sunset with a cocktail in my hand please.

ginny Mon 01-Feb-21 13:45:10

I’m with grandma jet

I just like to be with our 3 DDs and there families. Nice lunch and lots chat and laughs. Hugs with all especially DGS.

Callistemon Mon 01-Feb-21 13:56:58


Maybe exactly where you are, maybe somewhere else.
I’d like to be in Far North Queensland!

May I join you please, nanna8

rosie1959 Mon 01-Feb-21 13:58:45

In Jersey sitting on Liberation square with my coffee in the sun

muse Mon 01-Feb-21 15:06:33

Sat outside in our garden with my daughter and granddaughter. Sun in a clear blue sky and a gentle breeze. 1st day of their holiday with us. Chatting and laughing after enjoying our coast walk and swim in the sea at our favourite beach. Now eating our freshly made crab sandwiches.

Here's hoping this August, this will be reality.

AGAA4 Mon 01-Feb-21 15:15:47

I would like to be sitting round a table with all my family eating a tasty lunch and drinking wine.