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Happy February Gransnetters!

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Blossoming Mon 01-Feb-21 12:05:39

The longest, darkest month is finally over. It’s cold, dry and bright here and the world seems somehow brighter to me today. I thought I’d share some happy news stories rather than the doom and gloom we’re all living with. Hope somebody enjoys them 🙂

BigBertha1 Mon 01-Feb-21 12:37:50

Its a relief every year to get January out of the way but so much more so this year. Thankfully its February and a short month- I'm not keen on it much either as my birthday is in February so I like to get that out of the way as well. Terrible isn't it how we are wishing our lives away. Looking forward to the PM giving us some hope on the 22nd - I hope anyway.

YorkLady Mon 01-Feb-21 12:44:19

Thanks Blossoming. We need positive thoughts to get us through to the summer. I have daffodils about to burst open and that lifts my spirits.
More threads like this please (also like the cartoon thread) started by Urmstongran

polomint Mon 01-Feb-21 13:12:50

Yes that the last of January and soon the crocuses and snowdrops will be peeking up. It's also valentine's day and if we are still in lockdown I'm sure there will be plenty of choccies ordered online. If you are not a receiver you can always be a giver to someone special. Easter is just around the corner also

Mapleleaf Mon 01-Feb-21 13:55:47

Yes, and the lighter evenings are on the way - the clocks go forward towards the end of next month. 😁

lemongrove Mon 01-Feb-21 14:02:55

Just had a message from Ocado saying we have £10 voucher from them to spend for Valentines Day, chocs or wine.😃
All the Spring bulbs we planted are well up now, so will be in flower this month.
The vaccination programme is going apace.
The evenings are so much lighter. Younger DGC have just sent a bundle of lovely crayoned drawings to us.🥰

Grannybags Mon 01-Feb-21 14:05:20

Yay! Happy February

My Dad always used to say 1st of February, light at 5 o'clock!

crazyH Mon 01-Feb-21 14:10:24

Happy February !!!
Two family birthdays this month - no celebrations obviously ....

grandmajet Mon 01-Feb-21 14:14:19

Thank you Blossoming. It’s a beautiful day here, so we’re off for a walk over the fields nearby to enjoy it.
Happy February everyone.

Kate1949 Mon 01-Feb-21 14:57:25

Hope everyone has a good February.
A good start here. We had our vaccines today and on my walk just now a black cat crossed my path smile