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Good Evening Monday

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Rufus2 Mon 01-Feb-21 13:59:19

Not sure what’s going on just now! Apparently Perth now has a case of Covid, the latest UK variant apparently, resulting in more hard lockdowns and Victoria reimposing border closures with WA
As has been said before, this performance could go on forever!

Man City still “going forward” as they say, but their match against The Blades wasn’t one of their best. Kevin de B. is missed from a playing point of view as well as the spectators’, but I guess City won’t be taking any risks with such a valuable investment.

Tennis players have now been released to practice for the Australian Open shortly and it will be interesting to see how much effect lockdown has had on their form!

Interesting video on TV this evening (not a Michael P. this time for a change) but one of a series about how railways have changed British architecture such as through stations and supporting local industries.

It’s now 12.20am Chewsday and our Michelle (B’mouth, beige cardis!) has just got off the phone after our 60min regular chat! and I haven’t even had time for my nightcap, so must attend to that to ensure a restful night’s sleep!

Good Health wine wine wine

Megs36 Mon 01-Feb-21 15:50:29

Hello Rufus,Sleep well😋😴. I’m worn outfollowing the big argument going on atm re reporting, bullying,deleting ,racism, to mention a few. No conclusions reaches but lots of opinions. I’m gladI never to meet some of the posters, they are positively scary with words alone.
Sorry to hear there are more Covid cases in OZ, always felt the antipodes were safe, let’s hope all get stopped in their tracks Are vaccinations being rolled out for you yet.

Keep safe, follow the rules.


Jaxjacky Mon 01-Feb-21 16:14:34

Hi Rufus, yes City ploughing on, but Liverpool seem to have re found their mojo too, Saints dreadful, Leeds, as well as winning yesterday provided an entertaining game as they often do.
I am aware of the Perth case, one person, immediate 5 day lock down, that’s the way. Vaccination is yomping along here, 2 friends in their early 70’s are being ‘done’ this week, won’t be too long for me. Although the weather is warming up here in the South it’s cooling again by the weekend with a murmur of wintry showers early next week.
Stay safe 🥂

keepingquiet Mon 01-Feb-21 17:18:56

I'll just butt in. The single case in Perth is due to someone who worked at a quarantine hotel doubling up as an Uber driver.
One case-a whole state shut down.They know how to deal with pandemics. However they ought to vet their quarantine supervision staff much more carefully!