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NanaandGrampy Fri 05-Feb-21 11:49:55

I noticed yesterday that you can now Click and Collect from Aldi ( not sure if its all stores) . I was surprised it was £4.99 for a slot.

Tesco's is currently £1.50 all slots here and Morrisons doesn't charge at all if you do the minimum spend. I don't think the Aldi option has a minimum spend.

Has anyone used the service?

I know Aldi is a cheaper option often for products but does that negate the cost of a slot?

Interested an your thoughts?

GagaJo Fri 05-Feb-21 11:55:16

Aldi has my preferred variety of cat litter, so if it's available in my area, I would definitely use it despite the cost.

rosie1959 Fri 05-Feb-21 11:56:46

I am not a fan of Aldi but they do have some good products at very low prices so I think you would quickly make up the difference.
I suppose it works on the general ethos of Aldi of having none of the extra services you might get in an alternative supermarket ie want someone to help you pack
They have to pay someone to pick and pack the goods so that costs
I use Tesco delivery paying a set fee of £7.99 per month which works out well.

NanaandGrampy Fri 05-Feb-21 12:11:22

Yes I wondered if bulk buying something on special might make it worthwhile.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 05-Feb-21 12:23:07

I have used Aldi click & collect, brilliant service, no need to get out of the car just pop your car boot open and the lady loaded my shopping.

Not the easiest website to use, but definitely worth a go.

Liz46 Fri 05-Feb-21 12:26:24

We use click and collect at Asda. There is no charge as long as you do the minimum spend and it feels very safe as the goods are brought outside.

NanaandGrampy Fri 05-Feb-21 12:27:15

That's good to hear Grannygravy ! I am tempted :-)

NanaandGrampy Fri 05-Feb-21 12:28:02

ah we don't have an Asda within a reasonable distance Liz so that's an option that's out for us.

NellG Fri 05-Feb-21 12:30:03

I use it sometimes (I tend to alternate - different shops for different things)

Here it's a very smooth, well organised service and even with the £4.99 fee my shopping is still better value. The people employed to deliver the service are invariably polite, helpful and efficient. I honestly can't fault it. Though the website is a bit clunky.

Beats getting all the use by tomorrow stuff from the bigger names!

Casdon Fri 05-Feb-21 13:00:53

GagaJo that’s a really good point - Aldi cat litter is good and cheap, so you could do click and collect and bulk buy it, I detest getting it with my normal shopping and having to lug it into the trolley, onto the conveyer belt, off the conveyer belt, into the car then into the house. It would pay for the cost of the click and collect once a month if you just saved on that.

Cherrytree59 Fri 05-Feb-21 13:07:02

Just picked up my second click and collect from aldi

All went according to plan.
Everything seems to good dates

Only 1 substitution, a larger box of Dishwasher tablets than ordered (charged at same price as smaller box).

A friend and I have decided to do joint orders as more cost effective.
Luckily we both shop about once a fortnight.

My daughter does click and collect at various supermarkets, which we can add on bits, we are get from aldi.

GagaJo Fri 05-Feb-21 13:09:33

The stuff in the red bag is the best I have tried. Before I left the UK in August I stocked up on about 50 bags for my daughter who is looking after my cats. She's run out now though and isn't going out to shop so could get a friend to collect for her.

Megs36 Fri 05-Feb-21 14:21:11

Morrison’s here (Herts) charge according to time slots, just paid £5 for delivery. Iceland no charge over £35.
You pays your money and you takes your chance.😲

Redhead56 Fri 05-Feb-21 14:40:34

I placed an order from Amazon it was £3.99 delivery. I ordered free range chicken it was cheaper than in the shops and a good use by date.

NotSpaghetti Sat 06-Feb-21 05:57:47

Wow! Aldi! Amazing.
I am SO unreasonably excited!!

Gagagran Sat 06-Feb-21 07:10:35

Can you order their special (middle aisle) offers on their click and collect? Pre-covid I always used to enjoy seeing what delights they had there and always bought their garden plants in the spring too.

We have been using Tesco C&C since March 2020 and have been very satisfied and intend to carry on using this system after things get back to normal. I love the Tesco grocery website and find it simple to use and I like being able to browse and add or subtract items throughout the week. I think the £1.50 charge for someone else to trail round the store for me is excellent value.

But I do miss the Aldi specials!

vegansrock Sat 06-Feb-21 08:53:53

Here we can actually get deliveries from Aldi via Deliveroo £4.50.

NanaandGrampy Sat 06-Feb-21 10:57:34

oooh now that would be exciting Vegansrock :-)

Sadly, we're too rural for that .

Oldernewgranny Sat 06-Feb-21 11:44:19

Hi Gagagran, sadly you can’t order the middle aisle items which is disappointing. I’ve just collected my second order and very impressed so far, would highly recommend giving it a try. The only other minor negative is they don’t accept payment by Amex as they do in store which is a bit odd.