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Plants that go crazy

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nanna8 Mon 08-Feb-21 05:43:30

I have a little plant in a pot outside that has suddenly started growing like crazy. It has trebled in size in less than a month. I have no idea why except we have had more rain than usual at this time of the year. Not sure what it called, either.

FannyCornforth Mon 08-Feb-21 06:15:11

I've had those in the past as houseplants.
We just called them polka dot plants.
Haven't seen one in ages!

BlueBelle Mon 08-Feb-21 06:32:12

I never thought polka dot could live outdoors

FannyCornforth Mon 08-Feb-21 06:46:17

BlueBelle op lives in Australia, I believe.

nanna8 Mon 08-Feb-21 06:52:19

Yes it doesn’t like the cooler weather we get in Winter so I put it in the greenhouse June- August.

Esspee Mon 08-Feb-21 07:18:23

Hypoestes phyllostachia I think, or very similar. Google it.

BlueBelle Mon 08-Feb-21 07:33:32

Oh well that explains it fanny 😂😂😂

nanna8 Mon 08-Feb-21 10:34:23

Thanks Esspee, looked it up and that is definitely it.