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The Snow.

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MiniMoon Mon 08-Feb-21 12:05:53

The scene from my windows, with musical accompaniment by Sir Edward Elgar.

Mollygo Mon 08-Feb-21 12:48:40

That’s lovely. It’s snowing here, tiny powdery snowflakes drifting in the wind. I don’t think it will look like your scene even if it did it all day.

cornishpatsy Mon 08-Feb-21 12:57:30

Are you in the SE MiniMoon. A friend just sent me a similar picture. Pretty but not for me, I do not think I could drive in snow now so would feel doubly trapped.

Alegrias1 Mon 08-Feb-21 13:00:40

Lovely picture MiniMoon

Proper Scottish weather here - beautiful sunshine and snowing at the same time!

Grammaretto Mon 08-Feb-21 13:24:07

Beautiful here too but I am anxious about getting to my vaccine appt in an hour.

MiniMoon Mon 08-Feb-21 13:36:06

cornishpasty, I am in South West Northumberland, just a couple of miles from Hadrian's Wall.

Alegrias1 Mon 08-Feb-21 15:55:54

How did it go Grammaretto?

Grammaretto Mon 08-Feb-21 22:37:44

Thanks for asking Alegrias1. It was fine. Have you had yours?

Alegrias1 Mon 08-Feb-21 22:45:14

Not yet Grammaretto I'm Group 8, so I've got a while to wait yet.

I'm glad to hear yours has gone fine, great to hear about everybody getting their jabs!

Fennel Tue 09-Feb-21 11:46:32

It will soon be time for lambing where you are Minimoon but hopefully the farmers will already have the sheep under cover.