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Poor communication and too many hoops to jump through to be a Covid vaccinator volunterr

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Shandy57 Mon 08-Feb-21 22:48:05

My friend used to give her Mum her injections during her cancer treatment, and has also trained and qualified as a beautician/masseur.

She thought she'd volunteer to help with the vaccination programme, and has just completed hours and hours of on-line courses, about twenty in total, she passed all of them and got all of her certificates. She had to do a medical questionnaire, and declared she has psoriasis in her scalp. She was interviewed on the telephone and questioned about her psoriasis as the vaccinators have to wear short sleeves, even though she had declared she only has it in her scalp - and has received yet another medical questionnaire asking the same questions as before.

Is anyone else going through the application process and running out of enthusiasm? The left hand doesn't seem to know what the right hand is doing.

Shandy57 Mon 08-Feb-21 22:51:38


NotSpaghetti Mon 08-Feb-21 23:32:41

I read about someone turned down because they "didn't have two A levels".
They have applied to be a marshal instead.

GrannyRose15 Mon 08-Feb-21 23:48:29

I think the whole process has become unnecessarily complex. They are applying the same criteria as if they were offering permanent jobs and not short term volunteer places.

It is unfortunately a sign of our times. There is very little one can do these days without mounds of paperwork.

If they were gong to so picky about whom they employed for these jobs they should have started the process months ago so that they had an army of volunteers ready when they were needed.

It's not just in health either. I have been a private tutor for years and have had to go through a lengthy recruitment process to enable me to go and work in a school on the National Tutoring Programme.

Almost threw in the towel today - it's been a bad day for technology. But will keep going a little longer.

Calendargirl Tue 09-Feb-21 08:01:38


I read about someone turned down because they "didn't have two A levels".
They have applied to be a marshal instead.

I’m sure many vaccinators don’t have 2 A levels.

Katek Tue 09-Feb-21 08:08:34

My physio thought she would volunteer as a vaccinator and also discovered she needed to do 20 hours of online training. This included diversity training and how to spot possible cases of FGM.
Conversely my daughter has had to administer her B12 injections following 2 minutes instruction from the practice nurse, and I have recently left hospital with a month’s supply of blood thinning injections and a couple of minutes instruction. It’s not difficult - why is it being made so complicated? Fear of repercussions/litigation? Whatever it is there are wouid be vaccinators who have just given up on the process. Not what is needed.

geekesse Tue 09-Feb-21 08:33:23

They aren’t so picky when they are giving out high value contracts and cushy jobs to their mates!

Missfoodlove Tue 09-Feb-21 08:47:46

Imagine if the“ little ships” that left the south coast of England to rescue thousands of troops stranded at Dunkirk in 1940 had been subject to this ridiculous level of bureaucracy.

We are in a dire situation and need an army of volunteers
to find a way to fast track this.

What have we become?

BigBertha1 Tue 09-Feb-21 09:43:51

Me too with this one. I recently had an e-mail from NHS Professionals which said they were overwhelmed with applications and were working their way through them. So thats all good then. wink

Kamiso Tue 09-Feb-21 10:11:20

My OH said that there were lots of volunteers wandering about but the system was well organised and very efficient.

If they have too many volunteers who are superfluous, it’s going to make social distancing more difficult.

Some volunteers may drop out and others will be asked if they wish to step up.

NotSpaghetti Wed 10-Feb-21 23:52:28

Here's the info Calandargirl.
You need 2 A'levels or equivalent to vaccinate people.

B9exchange Wed 10-Feb-21 23:58:04

I have a retired GP friend who applied to go back to work at the beginning of the pandemic, and was never called. He then applied to do the vaccinations, worked through submitting the 23 pieces of evidence, including FGM and diversity training, and has still not been called. They must obviously be spoilt for choice!

Shandy57 Thu 11-Feb-21 19:00:39

That's interesting B9exchange, you'd think a GP would be snapped up. Another week has passed and my friend still hasn't heard, I wonder if she will.