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Good Evening Chewsday

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Rufus2 Tue 09-Feb-21 13:10:11

Dotor, I think I'm going deaf."
Doctor said, "Describe the symptoms."
Well, Homer is bald, Marge has blue hair..."

Evening Everyone.
Blue Sky No need to panic. Lightning never strikes the same place twice! hmm
HQ informed me that no one was to blame, which surprised me considering that over 95% of the thread consisted of my contribution, but they did it off their own bat , because..........(I don’t think I’m allowed to tell.?)

Reading between the lines I think your DSs (?) could be “down under” because the detail seems familiar; fortunately our solo cases remain just that, but they have prompted a review of hotel lockdown procedures for returning o’seas travellers. .

Pleased to see that spectator numbers were well down at the tennis Open yesterday. Not sure about today’s figures. Even sports fans are taking it seriously!

Megs Don’t worry! You haven’t lost any plot1 Others are doing the scheming! grin
Covid testing continues apace with car parks full of hundreds of cars and nurses everywhere.
Contact tracing is producing some odd results. A recent follow up to a +ve person produced a bizarre pattern of visits to shops of all sorts leaving a trail of potential Covid hot spots.
My Vascular surgeon (Joy), has put me back on a programme of nurses home visits 3 weekly: started today with Rakeesh, a male nurse! Nothing wrong with that of course although I had been expecting a Florence Nightingale.
A bit like you being disappointed at not seeing a male nurse! grin

One thing that disturbs me about nurses’ home visits is that I get the feeling they think I live too casually whilst I’m answering their interregation about my living habits.
Mind you, I’ve had reliable inside information that nurses rest -rooms in hospitals can be a bit off-putting.

Are you getting excited about St. Valentine’s Day?
Our morning TV has a series of 30 min. news programmes from various countries eg France, Germany, Greece, the UK. I particularly like the Manila broadcasts and must admit I hadn’t thought of it being observed there, but the number of flower vendors is incredible.
Apparently a popular seller is the “Pandemic Bouquet”! You don’t say “put these in a vase with some water”; it’s now “dunk these in a bucket of water”! hmm

Our Michelle (B’mouth) has just finished her weekly phone call; only 45 mins. before we were cut off and can’t re-connect. Perhaps it’s due to snow on the telephone lines.!

Now, on review I see no reason for this to disappear so I’ll head for the exit. It’s nearly Wednesday and 35C later.
Good Health wine wine wine