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French pension certificate of life

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Buzzydent Wed 10-Feb-21 04:40:59

Help first year of small French pension and no they want a certificate of life any ideas how to go about this in lock down tia

mumofmadboys Wed 10-Feb-21 06:49:40

Usually need GP to sign pension form produced by the pension provider to certify you are still alive

mumofmadboys Wed 10-Feb-21 06:51:15

There is usually a small charge for it as it is outside of NHS work.

cornergran Wed 10-Feb-21 08:19:22

A friend living in Wales has done this annually for 11 years. Usually someone in her council tax office does it for her, as he’s currently working from home she asked at her local police station, an Officer happily obliged. Her advice to anyone is always get plenty of official looking stamps on it if you can.

Buzzydent Wed 10-Feb-21 09:34:55

Thanks for the information I'll try to get the council offices to help I'd forgotten the joys of French bureaucracy

Cabbie21 Wed 10-Feb-21 09:40:51

I can support the idea of the local council. There must be ways and means of contacting them. You need to prove you are who you say you are, so need to do this in person, with photo ID. The Town Clerk or Mayor can do this, and then they sign the form, which is translated into English on it, to say they have seen you alive. You will need to do this every year. The French are bureaucratic, so a stamp is essential and the person needs some sort of title. I don’t think a GP will do, and they might charge. The word Council or Municipal are easily accepted.
I managed to get an appointment with our local Mayor just at the start of lockdown last year to do mine.

Liz46 Wed 10-Feb-21 09:49:15

You've just brought back memories of when I worked in a bank. Someone asked for help and I can't remember what it was about but he said that the french love stamps so I brought out all my stamps and let him choose which ones to use!

PamelaJ1 Wed 10-Feb-21 10:15:31

Mum’s Dr. signs hers. I should think that is still possible in a lock down. You could post the form to them if you can’t get in.
Photo copy it first just in case it gets lost.

loopyloo Wed 10-Feb-21 11:30:30

Definitely ring/email the council I have to do this each year for my Swiss pension. Last year I sent the document to the person who deals with it at the local authority and she sent it straight on. I put a SAE in the letter.