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Gransnet 'Guest of the Week'. Who would you invite?

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ixion Wed 10-Feb-21 13:58:57

I will bring JVT. Our 'go to' man on all things Covid.
Calm, rational, authoritative- and a great line in analogies!

Galaxy Wed 10-Feb-21 14:01:42

David Baddiel. I follow him on Twitter, he is fascinating on the subjects of social media, anti semitism, the care of those with alzheimers, and despite the seriousness of the topics he covers he is also very funny.

Kim19 Wed 10-Feb-21 14:13:10

Anita Anand would do for me. She is so knowledgeable with off the cuff situations and movingly sensitive when some very sad personal situation is revealed unexpectedly. She has a calm in verbal adversity that I admire so much. She is mainly why I listen to Any answers.

Pantglas2 Wed 10-Feb-21 14:24:58

Denzel Washington could talk me through all of his films and his motivational speeches to young people before we retire.....ahem!

BigBertha1 Wed 10-Feb-21 14:27:51

I love JVT. Just saw a clip of him saying he couldn't go on Strictly as it would be like watching Jumbo on Ice.

My guest of the week would be Dara O'Brien - such a clever and witty man.

Redhead56 Wed 10-Feb-21 14:41:00

Denzel Washington for me too.

Jane43 Wed 10-Feb-21 14:48:45

Once she can travel again, Michelle Obama such a classy lady.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 10-Feb-21 14:51:16

Peter Kay, so funny, we've been watching some old shows on TV.

EkwaNimitee Wed 10-Feb-21 14:52:59

Donald Trump, to see if he’s as awful as his public persona. Golf talk would be banned though!

mrswoo Wed 10-Feb-21 15:29:48

Tony Robinson. I was really enjoying his programme on The Thames but it seems to have been shunted off the telly. I just love his enthusiasm and he seems a genuinely nice person.
(Saw JVT on ITV lunchtime news and was struck by how calm and clear his responses were. If Tony can't make it round to mine he would be more than welcome)

Nell8 Wed 10-Feb-21 15:40:35

Mary Berry. She's one of my favourite "mum" figures. I find her voice very soothing and she has managed to surmount very hard times in her life. She'll bring a basket of edible goodies, of course.

Esspee Wed 10-Feb-21 15:45:51

The Queen. I’d love to hear her being interviewed about the latest revelations.

BBbevan Wed 10-Feb-21 19:40:41

Tudur Owen wonderful sense of humour

chelseababy Wed 10-Feb-21 21:15:12

I think Michael Palin would be fascinating. Have enjoying re watching his various travels.

Urmstongran Wed 10-Feb-21 21:35:04

Andrew Neil I think, to chat about his fronting of the upcoming GB News station.